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These very limited scents are made from oils sourced from the US.  We have made small batches to allow our customers to try out something new.  If a scent sells well then we'll add it to the site permanently.

Want to request a scent or give us feedback on a limited edition?  Contact us!

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Citronella - The perfect fragrance to be able to enjoy the outdoors all year round in Australia, especially after the rains. Stay protected with this fresh, clean scent of citrus lemon, infused with a slightly woody smell.

Candyland - a bag of American candy including Bazooka gum, orange marshmallows, and tootsie rolls.

Suntan  - sitting by the side of a public pool, smelling the chlorine, hot sun  on concrete, and sunscreen.

Toast - warm toasted white sandwich bread.

Christmas Wine - heavily spiced cinnamon red wine & moscato.

Bandaid - plastic bandages.

Canned Tuna - very stinky & realistic.

American Cash - hard to describe but similar to a paper & cotton blend.

BLT - bacon, lettuce, & tomato sandwich.

Mac & Cheese - pasta, cheese, & salt.

Fishing Pier - sea salt, water, & fish.

Baked Ham  - brown sugar & pineapple ham.

Pizza Crackers- similar to the Shapes brand.

Glass Cleaner - Similar to the famous blue bottle brand.

New Car -Newly detailed floor mats, leather interior, console plastic, & glue.

Heart Shaped Locket - Dewdrops, cassis, fresh greens, whipped cream, & gold amber. 

Detox  - basil & cucumber water.

Cinnamon Almond - candied almonds dusted in cinnamon sugar.

Swimming Pool  - chlorine & water.

Cheese Crackers  - similar to the Shapes brand.

Merlot  - Strawberries, grapes, plump raspberries, a little spice, sweet plum and notes of apple make a smooth velvety red wine Merlot scent.

Dusty Attic - dust, heavy air, cardboard, & wood.

Strawberry Bodyshop - Fresh, sweet strawberry with slightly tart nuances. 

Giorgio Armani - TYPE It’s lush, florally with underlying notes of wood, musk and amber.

Macintosh Praline - apple, caramel, dark brown sugar, & pecans.

BBQ Crackers  - similar to the Shapes brand.

Baked Potato  -fluffy potato topped with cheese, bacon, & sour cream.

Playdough - salty & sweet flour-based modelling dough.

Blood  - sharp & metallic red blood.

TV Dinner  - meat, gravy, & mash.

Petrol - filling up the tank.

Seasoned Chicken - baked chicken.

French Fries  - crispy salted fries.

Zombie-  dry dust, old musty notes, and rotting flesh.

Dolce & Gabana - A fantastic interpretation of the signature fragrance for men. A refined spicy, but sweet masculine scent.

Dirt  - yep literally dirt.