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These very limited scents are made from oils sourced from the US.  We have made small batches to allow our customers to try out something new.  If a scent sells well then we'll add it to the site permanently.

Want to request a scent or give us feedback on a limited edition?  Contact us!

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Acai - A fruity, sweet, blueberry-like fragrance with a very slight nutty, some say even cocoa, or chocolatey hint

Animal Cracker - Crunchy, creamy, vanilla lightly toasted cookie

Balance + Glow - The perfect fragrance to accompany your yoga routine.  This amazing creation will keep you balanced and focused.  Delicate honey blossoms kissed with sunny citrus blends, infused with lavender & Echinacea blooms, ribbons of raw vanilla and honeycomb.

Black Coconut - (Yankee Candle dupe) Creamy, buttery coconut.

Butter Cookie - Just like the cookies in the blue tin.

Buttered Maple Syrup - Sweet creamy butter blended with rich maple syrup mixed with hints of warm, rich vanilla, make this scent a perfect sweet delight.  You will be in sweet buttery maple syrup heaven! 

Candy Corn - Creamed butter, sugar, and sweet syrup.

Carrot Cake - A truly, fresh from the oven carrot cake fragrance complete with subtle hints of brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, coconut, raisins, and of course candied carrots blended to perfection.

Chestnut Brown Sugar - Toasted chestnuts drenched in a buttery brown sugar syrup.

Count Choc-ula - Chocolate marshmallow cereal from the US.

Home Sweet Home - Apple pies, cinnamon twists fill the cabin with a sweet deliciousness while the scents from the rose garden, birch, berries and eucalyptus trails in from the forest.

Hot Orange Danish - Fresh from the oven, a sweet and glazed, mouthwatering breakfast treat!

Marshmallow Rice Treat - Melted marshmallows, rice cereal, and butter.

Milk - *The description says fresh milk but to us its it sweet & milky floral.

Oatmeal Cookie - (Yankee Candle dupe) Spices and sweet cookie dough.

Rootbeer Candy - Hard candied rootbeer similar to the brand A&W.

Spiced Scones - Delicious aromatic scent of freshly baked scones with juicy raisins, hints of banana, golden fig intricately blended with rich, sweet honey, brown sugar and cinnamon.  Delicious!  Top notes of honey, raisins and banana; middle notes of figs, cinnamon, clove and toasted walnuts.  Base notes of rich, gooey caramel and sweet vanilla. 

Starbucks Peppermint Mocha - A holiday classic made with espresso, steamed milk, sweet mocha sauce and peppermint-flavored syrup. It's all topped off with whipped cream and dark chocolate curls.  

Sweet Tarts - Sweet & tart powdery candy.

Tide - Dupe of the American laundry soap.