Customer Creations

These scents have all been created by our customers.  If you'd like to order one of these blends or make your own, click here.

pink sugar, peppermint + vanilla.

peppermint + marshmallow.

peppermint, rosemary mint + cotton candy.

blood orange, blonde leather, white amber + cinnamon bark.

apple, red berries, salt water taffy + cotton candy.

pink marshmallow + sugar cookies.

maple syrup pancakes + cinnamon sugar donut.

ross + glazed donut.

blood moon + whipped cream.

froot loops, cotton candy + lemonade.

fairy bread, whipped cream, happy birthday, pink sugar, bubblegum + cotton candy.

mexican fried ice cream, fairy bread, strawberry, whipped cream, birthday cake + vanilla cupcake.

sour candy + blue raspberry slurpee.

blackberry, rock candy + vanilla ice cream.

grape soda, rainbow sherbet + bubblegum.

peppermint, cotton candy + blackberry.

lavender, candy cane + cotton candy.

rainbow sherbet + candy cane.

fresh mint & apples + eucalyptus.

marshmallow, candy cane + christmas cookies.

lemonade, berries & sugar + mint.

lavender, laundry + books.

candy cane + latte.

eggnog + spider cider.

black raspberry vanilla/black raspberry sugar + red frogs.

trick or treat + lolly bag.

trick or treat + sour candy.

strawberry milk, vanilla cupcake + sugar cookies.

watermelon lemonade + sugar cookies.

apple, raspberry jam, red berries, strawberry milk, brown sugar, salt water taffy + cotton candy.

doona + fabric softener.

marshmallow, cotton candy, strawberry jam cookies + spearmint gum.

over the rainbow + dove soap.

cinnamon, ginger + honey.

the meadow + fabric softener.

apples & honey + caramel popcorn.

banana pudding + cake.

blueberry, grape soda + sprite.

marshmallow, lavender, almond, almond milk + salt.

cake, strawberry + toasted coconut.

peach, donut, orange + vanilla.

salt water taffy, strawberry + cherry.

pumpkin, apples & honey + pear.

marshmallow, blackberry, strawberry + peach.

passionfruit + cake.

bakery, apples & honey, cinnamon + exotic leaves.

pumpkin, brown sugar + marshmallow.

banana, creme brulee, mango + coconut rain.

vanilla bourbon, marshmallow + coconut.

salted caramel + brandy vanilla snaps.

coconut, apples & honey, pecan + vanilla.

caramel, pumpkin + peanut butter.

cinnamon, bread +  vanilla sugar.

lavender, sugar cookie + lemon.

cranberry, apples & honey + blackcurrant.

green apple, maple syrup pancakes + bourbon.

caramel, green apple + cake.

pumpkin pie + vanilla bourbon.

cinnamon, pumpkin + cookie dough.

apples & honey, pumpkin, waffles, marshmallow + salted caramel.

chai, earl grey tea + whipped cream.

strawberry, pink sugar, tea + cake.

peach, tea, vanilla + almond milk.

blueberry, almond milk + tea.

cinnamon, apples & honey + marshmallow.

champagne, almond, sugar cookies + pink sugar.

strawberry, sugar cookies + earl grey.

bread, lavender + whipped cream.

vanilla, sugar cookie, honey, fig + caramel.

earl grey tea, lavender, marshmallow + cupcake.

strawberry + waffles.

maple syrup pancakes, apples & honey + cinnamon.

chai, vanilla + marshmallow.

pecan, almond milk, caramel + brown sugar.

strawberry, cinnamon + sugar cookie.

lychee, rose + exotic leaves.

peach + sweet chilli orange.

strawberry, lemon, cotton candy + cake.

blueberry, tea, almond milk + sugar cookie.

pumpkin, cornbread, brown sugar + cake.

raspberry, peach + almond milk.

vanilla wafer, coconut + caramel.

blueberry, pumpkin + vanilla wafer.

marshmallow, cake, cotton candy + tea.

cake, honey, cinnamon + caramel.

caramel + cheesecake.

brown sugar, milk + honey.

black tea leaves, vanilla + brown sugar.

milk, vanilla + spices.

candied rose petals, honey + exotic spices.

maple sugar + butter.

maple, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon + buttercream.

spiced coconut milk.

warm milk + honey.

apple, cinnamon, orange, bourbon, maple + vanilla.

bergamot, vanilla, milk + amber.

creamy rum, eggs, coconut milk, nutmeg, peppery cinnamon + vanilla.

clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin,  buttercream, smoke + vanilla.

marshmallow, caramelised sugar, powdered sugar, vanilla + butterscotch.

warm caramelised sugar, vanilla custard + lemon zest/juice.

rhubarb + vanilla custard.

apples, cake batter, cheesecake filling, graham cracker crust, buttercream frosting + vanilla bean.

sweet cherry + almond milk.

chocolate biscuits + honey.

chocolate chips + maple syrup pancakes.

hot chocolate/cocoa + maple syrup pancakes.

tangerine, guava + pomegranate champagne cocktail.

white tea & mango florals + clean linen.

blackberry lavender + frangipani.

pink citron, cassis + ocean breeze.

fruit punch, jalapeno colada + lemon.

deep dive, juicy fruit + sparkling water.

cola bottle lollies, sweet cherry + fabric softener.

bourbon cola, cola bottle lollies + strawberry.

fresh & clean + nectarine mint.

fresh & clean + pineapple peach.

red rose & ruby plum, black cherry & orange spice + amber teak & moss.

clean linen + seagrass & wild lavender.

front porch + white ocean sands.

white tea & mango florals + ocean breeze.

white currant quince + cake.

pumpkin cake + toasted marshmallow latte.

french pear + musk.

violet, bulgarian rose, vanilla + white musk.

amber, patchouli + sandalwood.

lemongrass + citrus.

pear, cotton candy + vanilla.

red velvet, plum, musk, jasmine + strawberry.

vanilla, marshmallow + pumpkin.

cotton candy, candy cane + pink sugar.

froot loops, cotton candy + sprite.

lemon cheesecake, marshmallow + froot loops.

sandalwood, patchouli, amber woods, saffron + musk.

cedar, patchouli + sandalwood.

pink chiffon + frosted berries & violet leaves.

cake, mandarin + custard.

french vanilla, cake + marshmallow.

toasted coconut, vanilla + musk.

green garden, orange, coconut + musk.

fried ice cream + strawberry.

bergamot, ginger + patchouli.

pineapple, mandarin, violet + mimosa.

chocolate, cake, cotton candy + peanut.

pineapple, mandarin + musk.

honeydew, raspberry + tangerine.

coconut milk, pineapple, saffron, rum + sugar.

lemon, cotton candy + pink sugar.

ocean, coconut milk + lavender.

french vanilla, irish cream + cinnamon.

caramel, bourbon + sandalwood.

dark chocolate, bourbon + toffee.

vanilla, orchid, jasmine + sandalwood.

50 shades, salt water taffy + lemon soda.

honey + eucalyptus.

sugar cookie, whipped cream + lime.

lavender + pink sugar.

trick or treat + red taffy.

mango + vanilla cupcake.

pumpkin delight + cinnamon rolls.

kirsch + banana donut.

pinecones & pearls + blueberry.

pirate mermaid, coppertone + clean linen.

vanilla & cocoa beans + vanilla cake.

quiet forest + 50 shades.

pina colada + fuzzy peach & brown sugar.

french vanilla bourbon + hawaiian breeze.

rainwater + clean cotton.

cotton candy, caramel apple + funnel cake.

froot loops + rainbow sherbet.

strawberry + waffle cone.

lemonade + salt water taffy.

froot loops + peppermint.

strawberry + cotton candy.

peppermint, vanilla + caramel.

raspberry, strawberry, caramel + vanilla.

graham crackers, whipped cream, vanilla + cream cheese.

maple syrup + strawberry jam.

blueberry + lemon.

red taffy + berries.

red frogs + red taffy.

maple syrup pancakes, green apple + cinnamon.

lemon + custard tart.

shortbread, strawberry + whipped cream.

lavender + buttercream.

easter basket + trick or treat.

custard + sweet vanilla.

custard + banana.

custard + milk chocolate.

froot loops + buttercream.

sugar cookies + cinnamon sticks.

sugar cookies + milk chocolate.

peppermint crisp + sweet vanilla.

easter basket + red taffy.

easter basket + red frogs.

grape soda + grape bubblegum.

raisins, orange, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, buttered rum + vanilla.

marshmallow + cake batter.

latte + snickerdoodle cookies.

bergamot, eucalyptus, citrus, lavender, hints of lily, clary sage, pine, camphor + clove.

lavender, blackberry, raspberry, sweet vanilla, tonka bean + manuka honey.

froot loops + pink & white marshmallows.

plain scone, strawberry jam + whipped vanilla cream.

pineapple + vanilla ice cream.

red frogs + hot jam donuts.

cinnamon bread pudding.

blueberry + marshmallow.

blueberry + cake.

blueberry + whipped cream.

lemon cakes + blueberry.

maple syrup pancakes + mint.

Pin Up - Cotton Candy Frosting, Whipped Cream, Lemon Lime Soda & Marshmallow

Lazy Sunday - Danish Butter Cookie, Cake Batter & Vanilla Ice Cream

Roller Disco - Sugar Cookie, Zucchini Bread, Birthday Cake & Vanilla Ice Cream

Banana Cream - Banana, Vanilla Ice Cream, Whipped Cream & Vanilla Cupcake

Strawberry Twinkies - Strawberry, Twinkies & Cotton Candy Frosting

Cosy Kitchen - Danish Butter Cookie, Sugar Cookie, Birthday Cake & Pink Sugar

Ice Cream Cake - Vanilla Ice Cream, Cake Batter, Cotton Candy Frosting, Pink Sugar, Sugar Cookie

Cookies For Santa - Lord of Misrule, Sugar Cookie & Vanilla Sugar

Beach Wedding - Bakery, Bum Bum & Vanilla Cupcakes

Irish Breakfast - Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream, Sugar Cookies, Marshmallow, Buttercream Frosting, coffee

American Zen - American cream + pink sugar + zen

Lemon Taffy – lemonade + salt water taffy

Lemon Loops - lemon curd + marshmallow + froot loops

Peppermint Fancies – peppermint + caramel + vanilla

Garden Gnome - apples, peaches, apricots, red berries, and sugar

Lifesavers – pineapple, orange, watermelon, cherry, raspberry

French Quarter - dark choc + bourbon + toffee

Boardwalk - 50 shades + salt water taffy + lemon soda

Triple Berry - black raspberry vanilla + black raspberry sugar + red frogs

Summer Afternoon - bourbon cola + cola bottles + strawberry

Birthday Party - chocolate, cake, cotton candy, & peanut

Lemon Candy - lemon, cotton candy, pink sugar

Frog Treats - trick or treat + red frogs

Cheesecake Bars - graham crackers + whipped cream + vanilla + cream cheese

Candy Hearts - cotton candy + cake batter

St Patrick’s Cake Pops - froot loops + buttercream

Marshmallow Twists -  froot loops + pink & white marshmallows

Plum Soda - black plum rhubarb, lemon lime soda

Mango Tart - custard tart, mango lassi

Bumblebee - brown sugar, butterscotch and honey i washed the kids

Enchanted Poison - poison, carnations, american cream

Champagne Pop – champagne + passionfruit + cotton candy

Bali Heatwave – coconut + lime + sea salt

Kazuki’s Morning – Black coffee, Asian pepper, woody amber, musk, & citrus

Leto Corvinus – Black Rose, Amber, Lavender, & Black Currant Cognac

Spiced Eggnog - Butterscotch marshmallow + gingerbread + eggnog

Cottage In Spring - Elderflower cake + almond milk & honey

Black Mojito - Mint mojito + black plum & rhubarb

Evening Bonfire - Lush Twilight + bonfire

Candy Soda - Lemon lime soda + gummy bears

Double Choc Cookies - Spiced Italian chocolate + choc chip cookies

Saloon - Dry tobacco & hay + T-Birds

Lemon Whip - strawberries, lemon custard and whipped vanilla

Katie’s birthday – cake batter + froot loops

Pink Petticoat - strawberry milk, vanilla cupcake, sugar cookie

Luna Moth - peppermint, rosemary mint and vanilla bean noel

Beam Me Up - Mountain Dew,Sugar Cubes,Grape Jolly Ranchers,Cotton Candy Frosting

Worlds Beyond - Cream Soda,Cotton Candy,Taffy

Rhubarb Tea Cake - Elderflower cake+ rhubarb + custard

Lemon Cheesecake - Cheesecake + Lemon cake

Red Panda - Australian bamboo grass +bonfire

Brown Sugar Pudding - Mango pudding + black tea lychee+ brown sugar

Cloud Leopard - Raya + American cream + black Christmas

Sweet Tea - black tea leaves, vanilla + brown sugar

Coconut Lavender – coconut milk & lavender

Dusk – lavender, vanilla, & pink sugar

Purple Chiffon – pink chiffon + lavender marshmallow

Winter Findings – winter woods + peony rose

Salted Caramel Cake – cake batter + salted caramel

Funnel Cake Stall - Cinnamon, sugar, funnel cake, and buttercream icing.

Banana & Mango Custard

Sweet lemon + Passionfruit

Vanilla Frosted Pine - vanilla sugar + pine tree + sugar cookie