Customer Creations

These mystery boxes have all been requested by customers:

2000s Heartthrobs (male & female)

American Horror Story

Alfred Hitchcock


Kiss/Katy Perry




Brooklyn 99

F1 Cars

Family Guy

Famous Cats

Five Nights

Gilmore Girls

Gone With The Wind


Greys Anatomy

Horror Icons

Junji Ito


Metal Family

Mortal Kombat

My Chemical Romance

My Little Pony


Practical Magic

Pretty Little Liars

Rainbow Brite

Real Houswives


Scooby Doo


Serial Killers

Sex & The City



Strawberry Shortcake

Studio Ghibli

The Hills

The OC

The Witcher

Ugly Betty

Universal Monsters

Wanda Vision

Winnie The Pooh


These scents have all been created by our customers:

pink sugar, peppermint + vanilla.

peppermint + marshmallow.

peppermint, rosemary mint + cotton candy.

blood orange, blonde leather, white amber + cinnamon bark.

apple, red berries, salt water taffy + cotton candy.

pink marshmallow + sugar cookies.

maple syrup pancakes + cinnamon sugar donut.

ross + glazed donut.

blood moon + whipped cream.

froot loops, cotton candy + lemonade.

fairy bread, whipped cream, happy birthday, pink sugar, bubblegum + cotton candy.

mexican fried ice cream, fairy bread, strawberry, whipped cream, birthday cake + vanilla cupcake.

sour candy + blue raspberry slurpee.

blackberry, rock candy + vanilla ice cream.

grape soda, rainbow sherbet + bubblegum.

peppermint, cotton candy + blackberry.

lavender, candy cane + cotton candy.

rainbow sherbet + candy cane.

fresh mint & apples + eucalyptus.

marshmallow, candy cane + christmas cookies.

lemonade, berries & sugar + mint.

lavender, laundry + books.

candy cane + latte.

eggnog + spider cider.

black raspberry vanilla/black raspberry sugar + red frogs.

trick or treat + lolly bag.

trick or treat + sour candy.

strawberry milk, vanilla cupcake + sugar cookies.

watermelon lemonade + sugar cookies.

apple, raspberry jam, red berries, strawberry milk, brown sugar, salt water taffy + cotton candy.

doona + fabric softener.

marshmallow, cotton candy, strawberry jam cookies + spearmint gum.

over the rainbow + dove soap.

cinnamon, ginger + honey.

the meadow + fabric softener.

apples & honey + caramel popcorn.

banana pudding + cake.

blueberry, grape soda + sprite.

marshmallow, lavender, almond, almond milk + salt.

cake, strawberry + toasted coconut.

peach, donut, orange + vanilla.

salt water taffy, strawberry + cherry.

pumpkin, apples & honey + pear.

Baby Dragon - marshmallow, blackberry, strawberry + peach.

passionfruit + cake.

bakery, apples & honey, cinnamon + exotic leaves.

pumpkin, brown sugar + marshmallow.

banana, creme brulee, mango + coconut rain.

Bourbon Marshmallows - vanilla bourbon, marshmallow + coconut.

salted caramel + brandy vanilla snaps.

coconut, apples & honey, pecan + vanilla.

caramel, pumpkin + peanut butter.

cinnamon, bread +  vanilla sugar.

lavender, sugar cookie + lemon.

cranberry, apples & honey + blackcurrant.

green apple, maple syrup pancakes + bourbon.

caramel, green apple + cake.

pumpkin pie + vanilla bourbon.

cinnamon, pumpkin + cookie dough.

apples & honey, pumpkin, waffles, marshmallow + salted caramel.

chai, earl grey tea + whipped cream.

strawberry, pink sugar, tea + cake.

peach, tea, vanilla + almond milk.

blueberry, almond milk + tea.

cinnamon, apples & honey + marshmallow.

champagne, almond, sugar cookies + pink sugar.

strawberry, sugar cookies + earl grey.

bread, lavender + whipped cream.

vanilla, sugar cookie, honey, fig + caramel.

earl grey tea, lavender, marshmallow + cupcake.

strawberry + waffles.

maple syrup pancakes, apples & honey + cinnamon.

chai, vanilla + marshmallow.

pecan, almond milk, caramel + brown sugar.

strawberry, cinnamon + sugar cookie.

lychee, rose + exotic leaves.

peach + sweet chilli orange.

strawberry, lemon, cotton candy + cake.

blueberry, tea, almond milk + sugar cookie.

pumpkin, cornbread, brown sugar + cake.

raspberry, peach + almond milk.

vanilla wafer, coconut + caramel.

blueberry, pumpkin + vanilla wafer.

marshmallow, cake, cotton candy + tea.

cake, honey, cinnamon + caramel.

caramel + cheesecake.

brown sugar, milk + honey.

black tea leaves, vanilla + brown sugar.

milk, vanilla + spices.

candied rose petals, honey + exotic spices.

maple sugar + butter.

maple, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon + buttercream.

spiced coconut milk.

warm milk + honey.

apple, cinnamon, orange, bourbon, maple + vanilla.

bergamot, vanilla, milk + amber.

creamy rum, eggs, coconut milk, nutmeg, peppery cinnamon + vanilla.

clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin,  buttercream, smoke + vanilla.

marshmallow, caramelised sugar, powdered sugar, vanilla + butterscotch.

warm caramelised sugar, vanilla custard + lemon zest/juice.

rhubarb + vanilla custard.

apples, cake batter, cheesecake filling, graham cracker crust, buttercream frosting + vanilla bean.

sweet cherry + almond milk.

chocolate biscuits + honey.

chocolate chips + maple syrup pancakes.

hot chocolate/cocoa + maple syrup pancakes.

tangerine, guava + pomegranate champagne cocktail.

white tea & mango florals + clean linen.

blackberry lavender + frangipani.

pink citron, cassis + ocean breeze.

fruit punch, jalapeno colada + lemon.

deep dive, juicy fruit + sparkling water.

cola bottle lollies, sweet cherry + fabric softener.

bourbon cola, cola bottle lollies + strawberry.

fresh & clean + nectarine mint.

fresh & clean + pineapple peach.

red rose & ruby plum, black cherry & orange spice + amber teak & moss.

clean linen + seagrass & wild lavender.

front porch + white ocean sands.

white tea & mango florals + ocean breeze.

white currant quince + cake.

pumpkin cake + toasted marshmallow latte.

french pear + musk.

violet, bulgarian rose, vanilla + white musk.

amber, patchouli + sandalwood.

lemongrass + citrus.

pear, cotton candy + vanilla.

red velvet, plum, musk, jasmine + strawberry.

vanilla, marshmallow + pumpkin.

cotton candy, candy cane + pink sugar.

froot loops, cotton candy + sprite.

lemon cheesecake, marshmallow + froot loops.

sandalwood, patchouli, amber woods, saffron + musk.

cedar, patchouli + sandalwood.

pink chiffon + frosted berries & violet leaves.

cake, mandarin + custard.

french vanilla, cake + marshmallow.

toasted coconut, vanilla + musk.

green garden, orange, coconut + musk.

fried ice cream + strawberry.

bergamot, ginger + patchouli.

pineapple, mandarin, violet + mimosa.

chocolate, cake, cotton candy + peanut.

pineapple, mandarin + musk.

honeydew, raspberry + tangerine.

coconut milk, pineapple, saffron, rum + sugar.

lemon, cotton candy + pink sugar.

ocean, coconut milk + lavender.

french vanilla, irish cream + cinnamon.

caramel, bourbon + sandalwood.

dark chocolate, bourbon + toffee.

vanilla, orchid, jasmine + sandalwood.

50 shades, salt water taffy + lemon soda.

honey + eucalyptus.

sugar cookie, whipped cream + lime.

lavender + pink sugar.

trick or treat + red taffy.

mango + vanilla cupcake.

pumpkin delight + cinnamon rolls.

kirsch + banana donut.

pinecones & pearls + blueberry.

pirate mermaid, coppertone + clean linen.

vanilla & cocoa beans + vanilla cake.

quiet forest + 50 shades.

pina colada + fuzzy peach & brown sugar.

french vanilla bourbon + hawaiian breeze.

rainwater + clean cotton.

cotton candy, caramel apple + funnel cake.

froot loops + rainbow sherbet.

strawberry + waffle cone.

lemonade + salt water taffy.

froot loops + peppermint.

strawberry + cotton candy.

peppermint, vanilla + caramel.

raspberry, strawberry, caramel + vanilla.

graham crackers, whipped cream, vanilla + cream cheese.

maple syrup + strawberry jam.

blueberry + lemon.

red taffy + berries.

red frogs + red taffy.

maple syrup pancakes, green apple + cinnamon.

lemon + custard tart.

shortbread, strawberry + whipped cream.

lavender + buttercream.

easter basket + trick or treat.

custard + sweet vanilla.

custard + banana.

custard + milk chocolate.

froot loops + buttercream.

sugar cookies + cinnamon sticks.

sugar cookies + milk chocolate.

peppermint crisp + sweet vanilla.

easter basket + red taffy.

easter basket + red frogs.

grape soda + grape bubblegum.

raisins, orange, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, buttered rum + vanilla.

marshmallow + cake batter.

latte + snickerdoodle cookies.

bergamot, eucalyptus, citrus, lavender, hints of lily, clary sage, pine, camphor + clove.

lavender, blackberry, raspberry, sweet vanilla, tonka bean + manuka honey.

froot loops + pink & white marshmallows.

plain scone, strawberry jam + whipped vanilla cream.

pineapple + vanilla ice cream.

red frogs + hot jam donuts.

cinnamon bread pudding.

blueberry + marshmallow.

blueberry + cake.

blueberry + whipped cream.

lemon cakes + blueberry.

maple syrup pancakes + mint.

Pin Up - Cotton Candy Frosting, Whipped Cream, Lemon Lime Soda & Marshmallow

Lazy Sunday - Danish Butter Cookie, Cake Batter & Vanilla Ice Cream

Roller Disco - Sugar Cookie, Zucchini Bread, Birthday Cake & Vanilla Ice Cream

Banana Cream - Banana, Vanilla Ice Cream, Whipped Cream & Vanilla Cupcake

Strawberry Twinkies - Strawberry, Twinkies & Cotton Candy Frosting

Cosy Kitchen - Danish Butter Cookie, Sugar Cookie, Birthday Cake & Pink Sugar

Ice Cream Cake - Vanilla Ice Cream, Cake Batter, Cotton Candy Frosting, Pink Sugar, Sugar Cookie

Cookies For Santa - Lord of Misrule, Sugar Cookie & Vanilla Sugar

Beach Wedding - Bakery, Bum Bum & Vanilla Cupcakes

Irish Breakfast - Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream, Sugar Cookies, Marshmallow, Buttercream Frosting, coffee

American Zen - American cream + pink sugar + zen

Lemon Taffy – lemonade + salt water taffy

Lemon Loops - lemon curd + marshmallow + froot loops

Peppermint Fancies – peppermint + caramel + vanilla

Garden Gnome - apples, peaches, apricots, red berries, and sugar

Lifesavers – pineapple, orange, watermelon, cherry, raspberry

French Quarter - dark choc + bourbon + toffee

Boardwalk - 50 shades + salt water taffy + lemon soda

Triple Berry - black raspberry vanilla + black raspberry sugar + red frogs

Summer Afternoon - bourbon cola + cola bottles + strawberry

Birthday Party - chocolate, cake, cotton candy, & peanut

Lemon Candy - lemon, cotton candy, pink sugar

Frog Treats - trick or treat + red frogs

Cheesecake Bars - graham crackers + whipped cream + vanilla + cream cheese

Candy Hearts - cotton candy + cake batter

St Patrick’s Cake Pops - froot loops + buttercream

Marshmallow Twists -  froot loops + pink & white marshmallows

Plum Soda - black plum rhubarb, lemon lime soda

Mango Tart - custard tart, mango lassi

Bumblebee - brown sugar, butterscotch and honey i washed the kids

Enchanted Poison - poison, carnations, american cream

Champagne Pop – champagne + passionfruit + cotton candy

Bali Heatwave – coconut + lime + sea salt

Kazuki’s Morning – Black coffee, Asian pepper, woody amber, musk, & citrus

Leto Corvinus – Black Rose, Amber, Lavender, & Black Currant Cognac

Spiced Eggnog - Butterscotch marshmallow + gingerbread + eggnog

Cottage In Spring - Elderflower cake + almond milk & honey

Black Mojito - Mint mojito + black plum & rhubarb

Evening Bonfire - Lush Twilight + bonfire

Candy Soda - Lemon lime soda + gummy bears

Double Choc Cookies - Spiced Italian chocolate + choc chip cookies

Saloon - Dry tobacco & hay + T-Birds

Lemon Whip - strawberries, lemon custard and whipped vanilla

Katie’s birthday – cake batter + froot loops

Pink Petticoat - strawberry milk, vanilla cupcake, sugar cookie

Luna Moth - peppermint, rosemary mint and vanilla bean noel

Beam Me Up - Mountain Dew,Sugar Cubes,Grape Jolly Ranchers,Cotton Candy Frosting

Worlds Beyond - Cream Soda,Cotton Candy,Taffy

Rhubarb Tea Cake - Elderflower cake+ rhubarb + custard

Lemon Cheesecake - Cheesecake + Lemon cake

Red Panda - Australian bamboo grass +bonfire

Brown Sugar Pudding - Mango pudding + black tea lychee+ brown sugar

Cloud Leopard - Raya + American cream + black Christmas

Sweet Tea - black tea leaves, vanilla + brown sugar

Coconut Lavender – coconut milk & lavender

Dusk – lavender, vanilla, & pink sugar

Purple Chiffon – pink chiffon + lavender marshmallow

Winter Findings – winter woods + peony rose

Salted Caramel Cake – cake batter + salted caramel

Funnel Cake Stall - Cinnamon, sugar, funnel cake, and buttercream icing.

Banana & Mango Custard

Sweet lemon + Passionfruit

Vanilla Frosted Pine - vanilla sugar + pine tree + sugar cookie

Blueberry Zucchini Bread - Blueberry + sweet vanilla + zucchini   

Pink Birthday Cake - Pink birthday cake, buttercream frosting, 100s & 1000s

Boo-tiful Brew - Purple Zappos + blue raspberry slushy

Honey + sugar cookie

Crème brulee + rhubarb

Mount Everest - Wintergreen + camphor + menthol

Spring Camping - Palo/PS/camp marsh

Crazy Plant Lady – potting soil, plants, and fresh water

Melt Mum & Bomb – dragonfruit chipotle, passionfruit, & cotton candy

Highland Cow – apples, oranges, & watermelon

Taffy Soda – salt water taffy + lemon lime soda

Black Tea & Almond Biscotti – black tea + almond biscotti

Pink lychee peony, lavender, & mountain air

Carnival Cheesecake – cotton candy + blueberry cheesecake

Blueberry Muffin – maple, cheesecake, blueberry, & French vanilla

Banana bites + chocolate milk + crème brulee

Woodsmoke + autumn harvest + cinnamon rolls + maple syrup

Leon Kennedy – sex bomb + whiskey + blood orange

Ice Cream Shop - Straw + banana + blueberry + vanilla ice cream

Lavender Grey - sleep + earl grey

Rope Drop - candy apple, strawberry daquiri + cotton candy frosting

Berry Bang - apple juice, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and strawberry frozen yoghurt