Buffy The Vampire Slayer:

Angel - Twilight + marshmallow fireside.

Anya Jenkins - Swedish spa + vintage vanilla lace.

Dawn Summers - strawberry shortcake + pearberry.

Rupert Giles - English countryside + a cup of tea .

Spike - freshly fallen snow + peppermint.

Buffy Summers - Chanel No 5 + champagne toast + fairy floss.

Willow Rosenberg - marshmallow bomb + cherry suds.

Xander Harris - aloe hair gel + crisp citrus cologne.


Stranger Things:

BARB HOLLAND -Peach + rhuBarb + ginger.

BILLY HARGROVE -Salted coconut + lime zest + lemon lime soda.

DEMOGORGON -Dragonfruit + chipotle spice.

DUSTIN HENDERSON -Chocolate pudding + vanilla wafers for stamina.

ELEVEN -Waffles topped with whipped cream and Reese’s Pieces.

JONATHAN BYERS -Red apple + flannel shirt.

LUCAS SINCLAIR -Sling shot pineapple rock candy + strawberry soda.

MAX MAYFIELD -Skateboarding on a California summer day.

MIKE WHEELER -Dungeon Master fizzy fruit punch.

NANCY WHEELER -1980s powdery musk perfume + frosted pink apples.

ROBIN BUCKLEY -Scoops Ahoy butterscotch cinnamon sundae.

STEVE HARRINGTON -Faberge Organics shampoo + Farrah Fawcett hairspray.

WILL BYERS -Green pear slugs + brown butter vanilla cream.



ALIEN - Inspired by the perfume: melon, mandarin, orange blossom, jasmine, & rose.

BEAM ME UP - Mountain Dew, sugar cubes, grape lollies, & cotton candy frosting.

BLACK HOLE - Black plum & mint mojito.

CELESTIAL BODIES - Sparkling mandarin + rain water.

COSMIC CANDY - Ghost drops + purple zappos + blue raspberry.

DEEP SPACE - Green apple & pear crème brulee. 

ECLIPSE - Red wine merlot garnished with blackberries.

RED PLANET - Cinnamon almond & cherry ice cream.

SUPERNOVA - Pink Himalayan salt, grapefruit, peach, & orange.

WORLDS BEYOND - Pink cream soda + cotton candy + taffy.


GlassHouse Dupes:

BEVERLY HILLS - Grapefruit, Cherry and Lemon.

POOL PARTY - Orchid, Pink Grapefruit, Rhubarb and Jasmine.

RENDEZOUS - Sugar cane, amber and white florals.

MELBOURNE MUSE - sweet vanilla, coffee flowers and lush orange blossoms.

DIVING INTO CYPRUS - Amber and peach, with aromatic lavender, moss and woods.

KYOTO IN BLOOM - Sweet, ethereal, diaphanous - like lotus and cherry blossoms caught in a spring breeze.

ONE NIGHT IN RIO - Passionfruit and lime are effervescent, like vibrant dancers. Melon keeps things sweet.

MONTEGO BAY RHYTHM - Sweet ‘n’ sour, it’s a mouth-watering blend of zesty lime, coconut and boozy vanilla.


Big Bang:

LEONARD HOFSTADTER - Tequila lime pie


PENNY - Body Shop vanilla oil + VS Love Spell

HOWARD WOLOWITZ - The scent of space – raspberry & rum

RAJ KOOTHRAPPALI - Indian coconut & lychee kulfi

BERNADETTE ROSTENKOWSKI - Strawberry + starflower

AMY FARRAH FOWLER - Orange & brown autumn orchids

MONDAY - Thai Takeout – Thai wax apples

TUESDAY - Cheesecake Factory - Carrot cake cheesecake

WEDNESDAY - Halo – Black coffee & men’s body spray

THURSDAY - Pizza – Orange soda

FRIDAY - Chinese & Vintage Video Games – Watermint & bamboo

SATURDAY - Cereal & Dr Who – cereal + 2% milk

SUNDAY - Paintball - Tropical fruit + monkey farts


The Office:

ANDY BERNARD - Selling the family boat in the Bahamas.

ANGELA MARTIN - Magic cookie bars made for her return from maternity leave.

DARRYL PHILBIN - Drive thru strawberry milkshakes & coffee runs with Val.

DWIGHT SHRUTE - Sweet beet wine made by hand at Shrute Farms.

ERIN HANNON - Her favourite candy, Coco Leche, from Puerto Rico.

HOLLY FLAX - ½ a box of spiced maple candy from Nashua.

JIM HALPERT - His favourite grape soda + a stapler in lemon Jello.

KELLY KAPOOR - Ice cream cake with a pillow decoration.

KEVIN MALONE - Hot Tamales cinnamon candy + walnut-free brownies.

MEREDITH PALMER - Butterscotch Irish cream & shots of rum for St Patrick’s Day.

MICHAEL SCOTT - Pretzel with the works.

OSCAR MARTINEZ - He’s not a mixologist but Oscar would still love a spicy chili orange colada.

PAM BEESLY - Mixed berry yogurt + a pot of tea.

PHYLLIS VANCE - A rainy day curled up with a good book.

RYAN HOWARD - A 100.00 haircut in New York.

STANLEY HUDSON - Baklava + store brand cheesecake.

TOBY FLENDERSON - Vanilla lavender chai for The Finer Things Club.



AERIAL HOOP - Airy fairy floss + girly sweet cocktails.

BALANCING ELEPHANT - Caramel peanut brittle.

CYCLING BEAR - Sweet & silly combo of froot loops & mango buttercream.

DANCING HORSES - Mint soap, crisp red apples, and snuggly horse blankets.

LION TAMER - African violets and a trio of sweet berries.

MAGICIAN - Exotic pink dragon fruit magically blended with old fashioned lemonade.

RINGMASTER - Red cranberries, black bourbon, and cinnamon spice.

SEAL SHOW - Winter jasmine petals floating on an Arctic wave.

SIDESHOW CLOWNS - Toasted coconut cream pie.

STRONG MAN - 1920’s barbershop + blue sugar.

UNDER THE BIG TOP - Caramel fudge + buttered popcorn + apple juice.


Twisted Christmas:

BETTER WATCH OUT - Keep an eye on this iced grape buttercream cake.

BLACK CHRISTMAS - Dark honey, honeycomb, and vanilla slice.

CINNAMON STAKES - Spicy cinnamon crème brulee.

FREAKY FROSTY - Blueberry candy canes.

GINGERBREAD VAMPIRE - Gingerbread pudding with blood orange sauce. 

KRAMPUS - Ancient amber, tobacco, dried orange mimosa, and tonka beans.

NOT A CREATURE WAS STIRRING - Stirred egg custard and kiwi coulis.

RADIOACTIVE REINDEER - Neon green apple + sweet rockmelon.

SILENT NIGHT - Put the whole house to sleep with this blend of baby powder & bedtime bath.

ZOMBIE SANTA - Strong enough to wake the dead: absinthe + berry sangria.



PENNYWISE - inspired by the movie It - sweet candy apples + buttered popcorn.

THE UNDEAD - reminiscent of a graveyard - bergamot & geranium flowers, mysterious spices + musky dark woods.

SPOOKY SUGAR COOKIES - pumpkin spice + sweet buttery sugar cookies.

WITCH'S BREW - a dark but vibrant blend of black rose, oud wood, exotic spices + grape gum.

TRICK OR TREAT - sour candies + red taffy.

FREDDY - inspired by the movie Nightmare On Elm Street - this soothing fragrance of lavender, cotton sheets + moonlight night will lull you into sleep - right where he's waiting...

JASON - inspired by the movie Friday The 13th - a smokey campfire in the middle of the woods, next to a crystal clear lake.

GHOST STORY - what does a ghost smell like?  Some will tell you it's a mixture of their perfume & olfactory clues about their demise.  This fragrance is the smell of gardenia, dark mossy woods + incense.

BOO BERRY - blueberry, strawberry + vanilla sugar.

THE CRAFT - deep fir forest, ritual spices + sweet perfume.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN - this is a secret blend which inlcudes patchouli, incense + cinnamon  bark.

SCREAM - this scent was inspired by our customer Hayley - warm night air, California berries + smokey vanilla.

MICHAEL - inspired by the movie Halloween - a clear, cold night, crunchy leaves + orange pumpkins.

CARRIE - inspired by the movie Carrie - pink rose bouquet, dark Dragon's blood + a hint of smoke.

SPIDER CIDER - spiced apples, caramel + apple cider.

JACK-O'-LANTERN - the simple but fragrant scent of a big, orange Jack-O'-Lantern + candle smoke.

VAMPIRE'S BREW - this scent was named by our customer Lauren - blood orange, strawberry  + red wine.

CEREAL KILLER - watermelon + froot loops.

BLAIR WITCH - this scent was inspired by our customer Hayley - Nag Champa incense + fresh green leaves.

THE RING - this scent was inspired by our customer Hayley - smoldering oriental musks, wildflowers + old wood barn.

NIGHTMARE BEFORE COFFEE - this scent was named by our customer Kate - black coffee beans, Sequoia incense, vanilla sandalwood, green pepper + herbs.

AUSSIE HALLOWEEN - since October is in Spring time in Australia, we came up with a scent combining Australian florals + lollies - musk sticks, native spring florals + jersey caramels.

LEATHERFACE - inspired by the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre - a farmhouse in the middle of a dry field, leather apron + fear.

YUMMY MUMMY - toasted coconut + candy apple.

BLACK CAT - black licorice + black cherry.

ZOMBIE - coffin wood, earthy oakmoss, clary sage + funeral flowers.

I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER - this scent was inspired by our customer Hayley - salty sea air, orange creamsicle + coastal flowers.

FRANKENSTEIN - monkey farts + bubblegum.

PUMPKIN FESTIVAL - inspired by the Pumpkin Festival on Main Street in Disney, this seasonal blend features rich pumpkin spice flavoured French bourbon.

THIRTEEN - coconut rum, peach slices + melon.

FRANKENLIME - rainbow sherbet, lime soda + gummy worms.

PEANUT BUTTER CUPCAKE - vanilla cupcake + peanut butter frosting.

DEAD VELVET - blood red velvet cake, ghostly cream cheese icing + black coffee swirl.

CANDY CORN - very sweet caramel + honey candies.

CABIN IN THE WOODS - deep dark forest, tea tree, figs + all spice.

BLOOD MOON - spicy strawberry waffles.

SLEEPY HOLLOW - black seedlings & vines snaking through dark woods, aged bark, moist lichen + oozing sweet resin.

PUMPKIN COCOA - rich & creamy hot cocoa + pumpkin spice.

HAUNTED HOUSE - black currant cognac, orange oil + a dusty old abandoned house.

ELECTRIFIED - super sour trio of blue raspberry, strawberry straps + red taffy.

CANDY PAIL - an orange pumpkin pail filled with Halloween candies.


Hocus Pocus:

HOCUS POCUS - sweet orange, candied ginger, black licorice, mint leaf + French vanilla.

MARY SANDERSON - Autumn berries, tea leaves, floral tobacco + citrus.

DANI - white chocolate fudge + toffee apple.

BLACK FLAME CANDLE - beeswax candle, smoked lavender + warm cottage.

WINIFRED SANDERSON - purple plums, clary sage, anise + soft smoke.

SARAH SANDERSON - sensual white musk + sweet vanilla sandalwood.

THACKERY BINX - a cold Halloween morning in Salem, Massachussets.

SPELL BOOK - rugged leather bound book surrounded by magical ingredients.

ALLISON - circle of salt, blonde butter syrup + CK One perfume.

MAX - tie dye hippie shop, summer fruit salad + green mint.

BILLY BUTCHERSON - dry dusty grave + Winifred's sweet poison.


Harry Potter/Witches & Wizards:

BUTTERBEER - butterscotch cream soda.

HARRY POTTER - buttery & sweet treacle tart with a sprinkling of lemon zest.

RON WEASLEY - Hogwarts Express food trolley.

HAGRID'S HUT - cinnamon apple rock cakes.

RAVENCLAW - Sapphire blue skies after a storm, fresh air + mountain florals.

ALBUS DUMBLEDORE - sherbet lemons + socks for Christmas.

THE BURROW - a bowl of blackberries, sage growing in the garden + warm sunlight.

HOGWARTS - pumpkin pasties, oak wood + kitchen spice.

HERMOINE GRANGER - freshly mown grass, new parchment + spearmint toothpaste.

LUNA LOVEGOOD - a strange blend of avocado, cotton candy, lemongrass, gum + bergamot.

LORD VOLDEMORT - sea caves  + midnight in a black forest.

SLYTHERIN - grey rainwater + deep green lochs.

DRACO MALFOY - dark manor house + sour poisoned apples.

HUFFLEPUFF - wheat fields, yellow chamomile bouquet + beehives.

GRYFFINDOR - red sunset in Autumn woods + smoked amber musk.

SEVERUS SNAPE - potions classroom, humid dungeon air + chilli leaves.

GINNY WEASLEY - spring citrus + something flowery.


Disney Ladies/Princesses:

SNOW WHITE - crisp red apples, honey blossoms + melon juice.

RAYA - papaya pineapple mousse topped with fresh melon + shredded coconut.

RAPUNZEL - sweet mandarin, purple violet & iris + silky amber.

TIANA - Louisiana Bayou, summer flowers  + spiced pear.

BELLE - golden figs + French blackcurrant liqueuer.

CINDERELLA - midnight air + magical carriage.

MOANA - green sea grass, palm leaves, tropical coconut + lime.

MEGARA - Greek honeysuckle, cocoa butter, peach nectar + sandalwood.

ESMERALDA - exotic spice notes blended with earthy woods + smoked orange.

ANNA - crisp fresh snowfall, apline mistletoe, sweet mint + warming oakmoss.

TINKER BELL - green floral fields + sweet berry coulis.

POCAHONTAS - cedar, sandalwood, pine, patchouli + spiced honey.

MULAN - white lily, bamboo, warm spice + rice paper fans.

JANE PORTER - African spices, pink pepper + dark woods.

AURORA - fresh roses, citrus, cassis + soft woods.

ARIEL - purple peony, green sea notes + driftwood.

JASMINE - hypnotic white jasmine & sweet pea coupled with delicate notes of ylang + musk.

MERIDA - Ebony woods, ripe peach + apple blossom.

ELSA - soft blue lily + white rose.



CHANDLER - Bing cherry bubblegum.

JOEY - traditional Italian blend of citrus, olive greens + bergamot.

ROSS - maple candy ice cream.

PHOEBE - chamomile grapefruit tea + meditation incense.

MONICA - chocolate thin mint cookies.

RACHEL - Romance perfume by Ralph Lauren.

CENTRAL PERK - hot coffee + vanilla cupcakes.

PIVOT! - orange creamsicle + sandalwood.

I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU - blackberry + golden syrup sugar cookies.

YOU'RE MY LOBSTER - Caribbean spiced pineapple.

ALL THE THANKSGIVINGS - pumpkin pie + whipped cream.



WINTER WOODS - traditional aromatic pine, crisp green & refreshing twisted with iced winter herbs. Spiced cedarwood & woodland fir mingle with frosted musk + moss base notes.

SNOWFLAKE DONUT - fried donut with a vanilla glaze + topped with toasted coconut.

FROSTED CEDAR - a Winter-fresh surprise of aromatic cedar branches frosted with peppermint, rosemary + thyme.

FROZEN WAVES - Autumn by the sea, Blue Sugar + Vanilla Bean Noel.

NEW ZEALAND SNOWFALL - freshly fallen snow + Winter flowers.

BLUEBERRY ICE - icy cold wintergreen leaves + ripe blueberries.

PINECONES & PEARLS - green pine, frosted winterberries, spiced citrus, juniper + amber.

SNOWCAKE - Lush dupe - a light floral fruity fragrance composed of marzipan, benzoin, rose, cassia + almond.

SLOPPY JOES - warm & delicious blend of caramel apple, pumpkin pie, banana + nuts.

FLANNEL - Bath & Body Works dupe - clean & masculine scent of bergamot, mahogany + soft musk.

DOONA - snuggle in for a relaxing night with this blend of lavender, eucalyptus + sage.

TOASTY - complex & unique - subtle smoke, citrus, sugar, marshmallows, pine + cedar.

SILVER MOUNTAIN WATER - dupe of the cologne by Creed - green tea, blackcurrant, galbanum, musk, sandalwood, bergamot + mandarin.

CRACKLING  BIRCH - spiced citrus, velvet woods + tonka bean.

SKI RESORT - cool peppermint, fiery cinnamon, crisp apple + creamy nutmeg.

ICED WINE (AKA ICED GRAPE) - Lush dupe - a sweet (not boozy) frosty grape infused with grapefruit + spice.

FROSTBITE - spearmint + peppermint.

NORTHERN LIGHTS - Lush dupe - lemon peel, mint + spiced woods.


Bakery & Dessert:

CANNOLI - Italian fried pastry filled with sweet ricotta & tiny chocolate chips.

CUPCAKES AT TIFFANY'S - Sweet, buttery notes with hints of toffee, tiny hints of chocolate with loads of sweet and slightly fruity buttercream notes with creamy, fluffy vanilla cake bottom notes.

POWDERED DONUTS - Top notes of Fluffy fried pastry. Middle notes of hints of crushed nutmeg and white cinnamon. Bottom notes of rich, sweet vanilla and loads of confectionary sugar.

PRETZEL - Top notes of whole wheat accord, soy milk, crisp crust. Middle notes of fresh baked pretzel accord and rich creamy butter. Bottom notes of maple bark, brown sugar, vanilla extract.

RICE CEREAL BARS - Sweet, creamy whipped marshmallow, rice krispies, vanilla and sugar blended together to give you a heavenly sweet and awesome treat.

BROWNIE BATTER - A rich creamy chocolate batter with top notes of butter, cream, cocoa and luscious cake on a cloud of rich vanilla bottom notes.

STRAWBERRY JAM - Ripe rich strawberries with white sugar.

CHOC CHIP COOKIE DOUGH - That wonderful smell of homemade cookie dough: Tons of sugar, a combination of light and dark chocolate and vanilla. A sweet, rich decadent delight.

BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE ICE CREAM - Rich cream cheese tones are perfectly balanced with a blueberry accord and tiny hints of cinnamon blended with super sweet vanilla ice cream.

BANANA BITES - Banana, crème brulee, clove, custard, & mango butter (AKA “Aladdin’s Abu Banana” in the USA)

STICKY DATE PUDDING - Dried fruits studded in a warm buttery cake and topped with a super sweet brown sugar sauce.

ROASTED CHESTNUTS - Caramelised brown sugar, toasty chestnuts, clove, honey, and caramel.

PEACH BOURBON BREAD - peach marmalade, honey butter, bourbon, & sweet bread.

SWEET ROSEMARY - Peppermint, rosemary mint and cotton candy.

CAKE BATTER - literally like licking the spoon while your mum mixes up a vanilla cake.

RHUBARB PIE - Sweetly spiced rhubarb & strawberry filling + shortbread crust.

LEMON CURD - Strong lemon zest sweetened with sugar & butter.

ICED VOVO - Shortbread biscuit topped with coconut & raspberry jam.

PECAN PIE - Toasted pecans, shortbread crust, and a sweet sugar gooey filling.

CANDIED PECANS - Toasted pecans rolled in autumn spice & brown sugar.

BUTTERSCOTCH RUM BRITTLE - buttery dark rum, brown sugar, cinnamon sticks, warm nutmeg, crushed nuts, caramelised sugar, sweet creamy butter + vanilla beans.

CHERRY BAKEWELL - shortcrust pastry, glace cherries, jam, almon custard + fondant.

CARROT CAKE - spiced cake with hints of raisins & carrots, topped with cream cheese icing.

STRAWBERRY BREAD - fresh, juicy strawberry blended with a tiny hint of spice, rich, creamy sweet vanilla + a heaping helping of bakery goodness.

TWINKIES - the American snack cake made of white sponge + vanilla cream.

BAKERY - just like stepping into a warm cafe

PEACHES & CREAM - fresh peaches + whipped cream

FAIRY BREAD - this scent is based on the classic Australian kid's birthday party treat - baked buttery bread topped wth sweet sprinkles (also called 100s & 1000s).

VANILLA CUPCAKE/BIRTHDAY CAKE - delightfully sweet & rich with freshly churned butter, layered with dark vanilla bean + a hint of star anise.

SUGAR COOKIES - warm butter cookies, fresh from the oven with creamy notes of vanilla + a light sprinkle of sugar.

CINNAMON SUGAR DONUTS - sweet fried dough rolled in cinnamon + sugar.

GINGERBREAD - this fragrance combines the warm spices of nutmeg, clove, ginger + cinnamon blended with sweet caramel.

LEMON CAKES - freshly baked sweet cake, buttercream, bright lemon zest + sugary sweetness.

MAPLE PUMPKIN DONUT - brown sugar, warm maple, spicy pumpkin +  vanilla bakery notes.

S'MORES - S'mores are a classic American treat - toasted marshmallows & rich melted  chocolate sandwhiched between graham crackers (sweet biscuits).

HOT JAM DONUT - what could be better than a sweet fried doughnut oozing with strawberry jam & added notes of vanilla sugar, raspberry + buttermilk.

HOT CROSS BUNS - spicy cinnamon & nutmeg, freshly baked bread + sweet dried fruits.

FUZZY PEACH & BROWN SUGAR - the sweetness of stone fruit with a caramelised sugar hit.

BLUEBERRY PANCAKES - a classic morning breakfast of warm, freshly made blueberry buttermilk pancakes, drizzled with maple syrup + topped with pecans.

RASPBERRY LAMINGTON - a unique, fruity scent of swe traspberry & toasted coconut combined with middle notes of buttercream + vanilla.

MAPLE SYRUP PANCAKES - warm fluffy pancakes, butter + maple syrup.

FRENCH BAGUETTE - freshly baked crusty bread, still warm from the oven.

RAINBOW COOKIE - rainbow sherbet mixed with sugar cookie.

CARAMEL POPCORN - buttery hot popcorn covered in sweet creamy caramel (same as Happy Birthday).

PUMPKIN SPICE CUPCAKES - Pumpkin Parcel exlcusive! Sweet buttercream bakery notes mixed with Autumn orange pumpkin, cinnamon, sugar + spice.

STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE - creamy baked vanilla cheesecake topped with sweet strawberry sauce.

PUMPKIN PIE - this smells just like the American pumpkin pie - sweet creamy orange pumpkins, cinnamon spice, sugar, whipped cream + baked crust.

CUSTARD TART - shortbread tart shell filled with sweet vanilla custard + dusted with nutmeg.

CEREAL/FROOT LOOPS - the famous Froot Loops cereal.

BROWNIE - rich & decadent with creamy chocolate notes accented with hazelnut, vanilla, buttermilk & hints of caramel + malt.

GINGERBREAD & EGGNOG CAKE - spicy warmed gingerbread cake topped with eggnog cream frosting.

STRAWBERRIES & CREAM - ripe Summer strawberries + fresh whipped cream.

PUMPKIN PECAN WAFFLES - fluffy spiced pumpkin waffles topped with maple syrup + roasted pecans.

PEPPERMINT CANDY APPLE - peppermint & apple head up this sugary blend, & vanilla, malt + musk complete this festive aroma.

CARAMELISED BISCUIT/BISCOFF - inspired by the biscuit by Biscoff - spiced biscuits sweetened with caramel + brown sugar.

PEPPERMINT FLUFF - peppermint, marshmallow fluff + berries.

CHRISTMAS PUDDING - reminiscent of sumptuous desserts & fruits, such as orange & almond with cinnamon, spicy clove & honey at its heart, this warm, delicious fragrance evokes the aromas & comfort of vanilla, malt + coconut.

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES - fresh chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven.

HOT APPLE PIE - the aroma of fresh cut Granny Smith apples, smothered in butter, cream & cinnamon, with a background of fresh baked crust.

RED VELVET CAKE - be tempted by the scent of freshly baked red velvet cake & the indulgence of dark chocolate, strawberry, red currant, tonka bean + vanilla.

CINNAMON ROLLS - baked sugar cinnamon rolls topped with vanilla frosting.

CHEESECAKE - creamy vanilla cheesecake + biscuit base.

ICED FINGER BUNS - soft baked sweet bread buns topped with vanilla icing + coconut.

FRENCH VANILLA -  a mature, buttery & slightly floral French vanilla.

BUTTERED POPCORN - hot & fresh, ready for movie night.

CHOCOLATE ICED GINGERBREAD - gingerbread cookies dipped in chocolate + iced with vanilla sugar.

CARAMEL APPLE - red apple blended with caramel, vanilla + cream.

BLUEBERRY MUFFINS - juicy blueberries, almond, butter cake + vanilla.

SWEET HONEYCOMB - "fresh from the hive" - the comforting sweetness of honey mixed with luscious creamy, buttery notes.

SUNSHINE CAKE - peach preserves, lemon curd, buttercream frosting + vanilla cake.

PUMPKIN SWIRL CHEESECAKE - creamy baked cheesecake with a sweet cinnamon pumpkin swirl.

BLUEBERRY BANANA BREAD - sweet baked banana + blueberry bread, fresh from the oven.

BANOFFEE - this scent was created by our customer Tayla - an English dessert made from bananas, cream, toffee + a biscuit base.

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE - top notes of wild strawberries, with the aroma of shortbread + base notes of rich vanilla.

PINK APPLE & VANILLA FROST - be refreshed by zesty pomegranate & sweet apple sitting on top of mint & vanilla bean + dusted with sugar frosting.

BRANDY VANILLA SNAPS - a fragrance that takes you back to your childhood home - with the aroma of fresh brandy snaps, with ingredients of all spice, ginger + vanilla.

SNICKERDOODLE - cinnamon sugar + baked cookies.

COTTON CANDY FROSTING - vanilla buttercream + cotton candy.

PEANUT BUTTER - just like the peanut spread you had at lunch.

CINNAMON SWIRL BREAD - warm toasty baked bread with a  swirl of sugar cinnamon.

FUNNEL CAKE - sweet fried dough sprinkled with powdered sugar.

BUTTERSCOTCH MARSHMALLOW -  a bag of fresh marshmallows + lusciously smooth butterscotch sauce.

DANISH BUTTER COOKIES - just like the cookies in the blue tin.

TIRAMISU - strong espresso, ladyfinger biscuits, whipped cream, marsala + cocoa powder.

CREME CARAMEL - a baked custard made from cream + topped with caramel.

CANDY APPLE - juicy red apple coated in a hard candied sugar shell.

BANANA NUT BREAD - freshly baked banana bread with pecans + spice.

PINK SUGAR COOKIE -  a blend of Pink Sugar perfume + sugar cookies.

PIE CRUST - sweet buttery pie pastry.

WHIPPED CREAM - slightly sweet whipped cream.

SALTED CARAMEL PEANUT - toasted peanuts, sweet caramel sauce + sea salt.

LAMINGTON - it doesn't come more Aussie than this chocolate treat! Sprinkled with freshly grated coconut & added notes of cocoa, buttermilk + sugar.

FRUIT TART - this scent was created by our customer Tayla - a delicious vanilla custard tart topped with glazed fruits.

BANANA FLAMBE - banana covered with fresh citrus top notes, splashed with fruity accords of peach, apple & melon with a warm sweet dry rum.

ICED LEMON BISCOTTI -  a delectable blend of rich vanilla, sugar, lemon zest, sparkling bergamot + toasted hazelnut.

VANILLA & COCOA BEANS - vanilla & cocoa with orange & the warmth of whiskey to round out the base. The spice of cinnamon & vanilla brings out the buttermilk aromas, to create a perfect fragrance & give the best possible ambience.

ORANGE CREAMSICLE CAKE - this scent was created by our customer Nicole - orange creamsicle + vanilla cupcake.

AFTERNOON SNACK - freshly baked bread, strawberry jam + creamy peanut butter.

ZUCCHINI BREAD - sweet bread, vanilla, brown sugar, zucchini, nutmeg, cinnamon  + lemon.

TOASTED PRALINE PEAR - poached pear, toasted praline, biscuits + vanilla bean.

FRENCH TOAST - lightly browned slices of bread/toast coated with sugar, cinnamon + maple syrup.

CHOCOLATE MUD CAKE - the classic grocery store birthday cake.

BLACK FOREST CAKE - chocolate cake, whipped cream + cherries.

KIWI LIME CAKE - lime & kiwi buttercream frosting + vanilla cake.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - buttery popcorn swirled in a sweet caramel  glaze. This Australian treat is called rainbow popcorn because the glaze is dyed in bright colours (same as Caramel Popcorn).

ELDERFLOWER CAKE - coconut cake decorated with lime coulis + elderflowers.

CARAMELISED PEAR - a perfect pear mixture of red pear, apple & banana, combined with vanilla, brown sugar + sweet caramel.

APPLE CIDER DONUTS - warm apple cider donuts dusted in cinnamon sugar.

BROWN SUGAR - true to life sweet brown sugar scent.

RASPBERRY DREAM - bursting with summer berry goodness, this sparkling blend includes ripe raspberry, blueberry & strawberry notes with creamy vanilla, buttermilk + malt.

LEMON PEAR CAKE - this scent was created by our customer Alaeni - Anjou pear & lemon zest + vanilla cupcake.

CRANBERRY JOY - juicy zingy cranberry with hints of white florals give this fragrance a happy vibe, with the smoothness of musk, vanilla + balsam to give depth to the fragrance.

APPLES & HONEY - red apple & honey top notes balance with warm clove as they lead to the heart of crisp apple + warm cinnamon, & a final touch of vanilla cream sweetens this bakery delight.

PINEAPPLE UPSIDE-DOWN CAKE - baked vanilla cake with caramalised bananas.

CINNAMON CARAMEL APPLES - caramel sauce + baked cinnamon apples.

MORNING BEIGNET - lemon butter, donuts, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, malt + bourbon.

COCO POPS - chocolate rice cereal + milk.

CORNBREAD - warm & buttery baked Southern cornbread.

OATS & HONEY - wholesome oats, almond milk + honey.

CRANBERRY CAKE - cranberry joy + vanilla cupcake.

BUNNY BREAKFAST - fluffy pancakes drizzled in hazelnut chocolate sauce.

BOURBON BUNDT CAKE - baked vanilla cake, orange zest, cinnamon spices + a bourbon glaze.

CLEMENTINE HONEY - honey + clementine marmalade.

HONEY BUTTERED ROLLS - sweet golden honey, rich bakery notes + a slight touch of spice.

CREME BRULEE - the classic rich, creamy dessert with a caramelised sugar topping.

GINGERBREAD HONEY - spiced gingerbread soaked in cinnamon honey.

CHERRY PIE - sweet baked cherry pie filling + shortbread crust.



STRAWBERRY MUSK - strawberry + musk sticks.

GHOST DROPS - super sour & sweet citrus lollies.

STRAWBERRY SOUR STRAPS - sour strawberry confection.

JUICY FRUIT - just like the classic gum - a mixture of banana, pear, citrus + pineapple.

MUSK STICKS - sweet lavender + violet opens into a light powdery musk.

GRAPE BUBBLEGUM - true to i ts name, a sweet fruity grape gum aroma, just like the famous brand from childhood.

BANANA LOLLIES - sweet sugary banana marshmallows.

CARAMALISED CHOCOLATE - based on the famous brand chocolate block, Caramilk.

BLUE RASPBERRY COTTON CANDY - sour & sweet blue raspberry (green apple mixed with raspberry candy) swirled with pink fairy floss.

PEPPERMINT CRISP - rich milk chocolate + sweet peppermint, similar to the famous candy bar.

RED FROGS - red raspberry gummy candies.

LOLLY BAG - strawberry, spun sugar, tonka bean, cashmere, fruity musk + whipped vanilla.

BUTTERSCOTCH - toasted hazelnut with delicious creamy vanilla + a touch of maple & laced with robust espresso.

TURKISH DELIGHT - cocoa bean entwines with creamy milk, fluffy musk, sensuous vanilla bean + rosewater. A unique scent that smells just like the Turkish Delight!

COTTON CANDY/FAIRY FLOSS - just like fresh cotton candy, this fragrance opens with a sweet sticky concoction of caramel, sugared candy & falls into a nutty, strawberry coconut heart with a smooth hint of vanilla + balsam to round out the base.

CANDY CANE - sweet creamy sugar + chilly winter peppermint.

WHITE CHOCOLATE - sugar, cocoa butter, milk + vanilla.

COLA BOTTLES - a refreshing combo of cola spices + sugar.

PEPPERMINT & COCONUT MARSHMALLOWS - a new take on a Christmas treat - peppermint flavoured marshmallows dipped in white chocolate + dusted in shredded coconut.

CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES - ripe red strawberries dipped into velvety melted chocolate.

JELLYBEAN - as sweet as a bag of fruity mixed jellybean candies.

JAFFA - chocolate balls covered in an orange flavoured sugar shell.

SALTED CARAMEL - a gorgeous sweet treat with buttery top notes & just a touch of saltiness, rounded out with caramel, coconut, vanilla + creamy condensed milk.

COTTON CANDY & BLUEBERRY - created by our customer Tayla - cotton candy blended with sweet blueberry lollies.

CHERRY RIPE - cherry + coconut filled chocolate bar.

MILK BAR - orange sherbet, milk bottles + cola bottles.

BUBBLEGUM - sweet pink raspberry + strawberry bubblegum.

RED TAFFY - inspired by the popular chews, this is an intense raspberry scent.

MARSHMALLOW - sweet vanilla marshmallows (not a perfume version, this is a true to life lollies scent).

SKITTLES - sweet & slightly sour just like the candies.

PINK & WHITE MARSHMALLOWS - raspberry + vanilla marshmallows.

MILK CHOCOLATE - if you love chocolate then this is the one for you. Creamy milk chocolate wrapped in dark chocolate + melted with heavy whipping cream.

GUMMY BEARS - just like the scent of a freshly opened bag of gummy bears.

SOUR CANDY - sour & sweet explosion of cherry, lemon, strawberry, orange + lime.

CHOCOLATE CARAMEL EGG - rich chocolate eggs stuffed with salted caramel.

TUTTI FRUTTI - jellybeans + slices of fruit.

SPEARMINT LEAVES - sweet & cool spearmint.

JAMMIN' ROCK CANDY - cherry, strawberry, raspberry, citrus + peppermint.

HAZELNUT CHOCOLATE/FERRERO ROCHER - creamy hazelnut filling, crisp wafer shell + milk chocolate.

CHOCOLATE & PEANUT BUTTER - chocolate covered peanut butter candies.

PINEAPPLE LUMPS - chocolate covered confection filled with soft & chewy pineapple.

ORANGE TIC TAC - sweet orange mints.

LICORICE MINT CANDY - this amazing concoction of black licorice, star anise, candied citrus & mint is sweet, fresh & syrupy; added notes of malted sugar + vanilla create a lovely base.

BLACK LICORICE - strong black licorice scent.

SALT WATER TAFFY - old fashioned candy, pulled sweet with just a hint of salt.

CANDY BOUQUET - super sweet candy + soft floral notes.

TURKISH DELIGHT EGGS - milk chocolate + sweet sugared rose.



PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE - a handmade mix of freshly brewed coffee, creamy milk + spicy pumpkin pie.

TOASTED MARSHMALLOW LATTE -  a warm milky latte mixed with sugar + gently toasted marshmallows.

COFFEE SHOP - delicious hot coffee + a fresh cinnamon sugar donut.

CARAMEL COFFEE FRAPPE - sweet caramel blended with iced coffee + whipped cream.

CINNAMON SPICE COFFEE - brewed hot black coffee mixed with cinnamon, star anise, clove + vanilla.

GINGERBREAD LATTE - sweet milky latte + warm gingerbread spice.

CHAI LATTE - the air is filled with the inviting aroma of a piping hot chai latte. Warm spices, cinnamon, ginger + clove indulged in layers of creamy vanilla.

BLACK COFFEE - just like a freshly made cup of black coffee!

COCONUT COFFEE - iced black coffee + coconut syrup.

CAPPUCCINO - if you like the rich smell of coffee, you will like this delicious blend. Savour the aromatic bliss of bold espresso, brown sugar + caramel & awaken the senses with a luscious layer of sweet, creamy vanilla on top - yum.

HARVEST CHAI - rich & sweet chai spiced coffee + fluffy cream.

CAPPUCCINO HAZELNUT - toasted hazelnuts, hot cappuccino, dark chocolate + sweet cream.

B52 (COFFEE & ALCOHOL DRINK) - the B52 cocktail is a layered shot composed of a coffee liqueur, an Irish cream + a Grand Marnier. When prepared properly, the ingrdients seperate into three distinctly visible layers.



ABSINTHE – zesty & effervescent mix of grapefruit fizz, green apple, lime, anise, mint, & herbs.

PINK MOSCATO - Moscato Sangria + Pink Sands.

SAMBUCCA - Italian liqueur flavoured with berries & anise. 

HOT MILO - Chocolate flavoured malted powder + hot milk.

BANANA BUZZ – banana pudding + cappuccino.

PICK ME UP – A different take on the morning coffee.  A subtle, nutty, roasted coffee smell balanced out with bottom notes of spices and smoky vanilla.

FIREBALL WHISKEY - A smooth whiskey fragrance with a fiery kick of red-hot cinnamon.

FROZEN MARGARITA - Lime, citrus, sea salt, and vanilla rum.

RED BULL ENERGY DRINK - Sparkling, high-energy tang with a citrus kick.

EARL GREY - Earthy, spicy, smooth and delicious, completed with fresh clean notes of citrusy bergamot.

PROSECCO BLUSH - crisp pomegranate, ripe raspberries, juicy citrus, & spun sugar linger alongside carnations, strawberries, & lush apricot blooms with base notes of pink Prosecco.

FRENCH VANILLA & OAK - reminiscent of a classic, sophisicated vanilla liquer, this version is infused with undertones of rich, earthy oak.

PASSIONFRUIT LIMEADE - passionfruit juice + lime soda.

SANGRIA RAMUNE - Japanese soda with a unique fruity and almost bubblegum like flavour.

GOATS MILK & HONEY - the clean smell of Goat's milk & warm Manuka honey.

PEACH ICED TEA - sweet Southern black tea blended with peach nectar + lemon.

EGGNOG - really strong notes of spice  + cinnamon with the sweetness of the caramel & vanilla bean.

STRAWBERRY MILK - sweet strawberry sauce + fresh milk.

PEPPERMINT COCOA - powdered baking chocolate, creamy milk, sugar, vanilla + candy cane.

WATERMELON LEMONADE -  a strong mix of freshly cut watermelon + old time lemonade (not the soft drink, just sugary lemons).

PINA COLADA - the tropical favourite of pineapple + coconut blended together with lighter notes of tangerine, white musk + vanilla.

SPRING SODA - lemon lime soda, vanilla sugar + pink grapefruit.

GRAPE SODA - zesty & bubbly grape soft drink.

SPICED WINE - rich & intoxicating aroma full of fruit, spices & red wine. You can just imagine that you have poured a glass of warm mullied wine, from the bubbling pot on the stove - so warm & cosy.

APPLE CHAI - warm apple, gingered pear, whipped cream, chai, spices + sugar.

FRENCH VANILLA BOURBON - a refined vanilla fragrance, with the rich scent of vanilla bean, musk & hints of amber, malt + tonka bean.

BOURBON & COLA - refreshing blend of aged bourbon + cola.

APPLE CINNAMON TEA -  a warm mug of white tea that's been simmered with apples + cinnamon.

COCONUT VANILLA BOURBON - sweet buttery vanilla with a touch of intoxicating coconut bourbon.

BANANA SMOOTHIE - the essence of lemon rinds slide down a palm leaf, into a fruitful blend of green banana & coconut water, as peels of red apple surround black vanilla + raw cedar aromas.

GRAPE SPIDER - grape soda + vanilla ice cream.

CHAMPAGNE & STRAWBERRIES - a seductive blend of effervescent champagne with a delicious combination of strawberry, roses + raspberries.

BLUE RASPBERRY SLURPEE -  a sweet & sour raspberry iced drink.

CHOCOLATE MILK - a classic from childhood - sweet chocolate + creamy milk.

MOSCATO SANGRIA - packed full of fruitiness & doused in moscato with top notes of strawberry, pineapple & orange, a heart of cyclamen & cherry blossom, & a base of peach nectar, apple + violet.

RED CHERRY BOURBON - oak barrel bourbon + tart red cherries.

STRAWNANA DAIQUIRI - bananas, strawberries, rum + sugar syrup.

PURPLE HOOTERS -  a fun drink made of black raspberry liqueur, lime juice + vodka.

MANGO LASSI - ripe mango, lime juice, guava, yoghurt, cardamom + agave.

CHEERS - sweet & fancy cotton candy champagne.

PINE ORANGE PUNCH - pineapple & orange juices blended with ice + lemon zest.

SEX ON THE BEACH - a playful rendition of the classic tropical mixed drink that blends fresh pineapple & orange with tart cranberries. Notes of vodka + peach schnapps give this fragrance it's true to life scent.

WARM PEAR CIDER - cider spices, green pear, hazelnut + vanilla caramel.

RASPBERRY BOURBON LEMONADE - summer cocktail of fresh raspberry, lemonade + sweet bourbon.

LEMON LIME SODA (SPRITE) - strong, sparkly lemon + lime soda (just like Sprite).

IRISH CREAM (BAILEY'S) - premium Irish whiskey mixed with chocolate + cream.

BLONDE MOMENT - an incredible iced champagne mixed with rich sweet raspberry + cranberry.

PEPPERMINT TEA - minty & warm holiday tea + a dash of sugar.

BOURBON MINT JULEP - a cocktail made of bourbon, sugar syrup, crushed ice + mint leaves.

APPLE BOURBON - vanilla, bourbon, crisp apples + cinnamon.

MINT MOJITO - spearmint, lime, white rum + sugar cane.

POMEGRANATE SPLASH - Sprite + pomegranate liqueur.

GREEN TEA - warm steeping green tea leaves.

WHITE TEA & GINGER -  a warm soothing blend with base notes of musk, nutmeg & ginger. A floral component of peony & hyacinth combine with top notes of lemon, bergamot + lily to create a truly alluring fragrance oil.

JUNGLE JUICE - this scent was created by our customer Amber - coconut rain, coconut + banana.

GREEN TEA & LEMONGRASS - a fresh & clean fragrance built around lemongrass, accented by cypress + fir needle that blends with a herbal heart of green tea.

LYCHEE & BLACK TEA - delicate black tea + sweet lychee fruit.

BOURBON - rich Kentucky bourbon containing both fruity & woodsy notes.

WHISKEY (JACK DANIEL'S) - just like Jack Daniel's whiskey - no frills.

ALMOND MILK & HONEY - creamy subtle vanilla, almond milk + sweet honeycomb.

TWISTED OLD FASHIONED - this scent was created by our customer Alaeni - mandarin + coconut vanilla bourbon.

SHAMROCK SHAKE - Bailey's Irish Cream + spearmint ice cream.

GREEN BEER - pale ale mixed with icy lime margarita.

BEER - malt liquor straight from the tap.

GREEN TEA, PLUM & HONEY - chilled green tea sweetened by plum juice + honey.

FRUIT PUNCH -  a strong, fruity fragrance blend of lemon, lime, orange, raspberry, strawberry + sugar syrup.

CHERRY LIMEADE - Maraschino cherry, lime juice + Sprite.

LAVENDER BLACKBERRY - iced blackberry spritzer garnished with fresh lavender.

STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI - fresh, fruity strawberries splashed with tongue-tingling orange + a smooth shot of rum.

COCONUT MILK - tropical + cool vanilla coconut milk.

SWEET ORANGE CHILLI PEPPER - sweet citrus, pepper + vanilla musk (reminiscent of Fanta).

BOURBON & ROSEWOOD - strong bourbon fragrance mixed with delicate rose wood, oak + caramel.


Ice Cream:

PISTACHIO ICE CREAM - Buttermilk, roasted pistachio, sugar cane, vanilla, & malt.

WATERMELON SORBET - an explosion of juicy, ripe watermelon and honeydew mixed with kiwi and strawberries.

TANGERINE GELATO - sea-kissed tangerine blends effortlessly with orange creamsicle & lemon zest, nutmeg, vanilla, a shot of smoky tequila + sparkling white woods.

BUBBLEGUM ICE CREAM (BUBBLE O' BILL INSPIRED) - strawberry, chocolate + caramel ice cream with a bubblegum nose.

NEOPOLITAN - this scent was created by our customer Tayla - strawberry, chocolate + vanilla ice cream in one sweet scent.

RAINBOW SHERBET - vanilla ice cream mixed with swirls of frozen fruit juices (lime, pineapple, orange, citrus + raspberry).

BANANA SPLIT - sweet creamy vanilla ice cream topped with fresh banana  + chocolate sauce.

WAFFLE CONE - crispy baked waffle cone + sweet sugary vanilla.

PINE LIME (SPLICE INSPIRED) - vanilla ice cream coated in tropical fruit juice.

PINEAPPLE LEMON SORBET - a tantalising combination of juicy pineapple, hints of coconut cream + refreshing lemon zest; perfectly balanced & refreshing like a sorbet.

SWEET VANILLA - simple & sweet creamy vanilla, just like vanilla ice cream.

MEXICAN FRIED ICE CREAM -  a scoop of spiced vanilla ice cream inside a crispy fried shell of cookie pieces.

ORANGE CREAMSICLE - a delicious duet of sweet juicy orange intermingles with rich vanilla cream.

BLACKBERRY SHERBET - blackberry, strawberry, pomegranate + citrus.

MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ICE CREAM - mint ice cream + dark chocolate chips.

YOU MAKE ME MELT - salted caramel ice cream in a waffle cone.

PINEAPPLE MINT SORBET - this scent was created by our customer Alaeni - pineapple lemon sorbet + spearmint.

LEMON & ORANGE SHAVED ICE - fresh, citrusy & summery. A beautiful blend of citrus fruits with a heart of seasonal floral + the warmth of musk.


Fruit Mixes:

WHISPERING CORAL - passionfruit, pineapple, citrus, berries, and guava sit atop an explosive bouquet of crushed rose petals, sliced pineapples, honeyed tuberose, and warmed amber musk.

STRAWBERRY KIWI LIPSMACKER - just like the lip balm from the 90s

STRAWBERRY, WATERMELON & GUAVA - created by our customer Imogen. These 3 fruits make a mouth watering & delicious fragrance.

WATERMELON SUGAR - super sweet watermelon lollipops, pink cotton candy + frozen cherry ice.

REFRESH - juicy watermelon + crisp cucumber to refresh your senses.

PINK SUGAR & STRAWBERRIES - an in house blend of the Pink Sugar perfume dupe + strawberries. It's unique & super sweet.

CUCUMBER MELON - an unforgettably fresh combination of crisp cucumber + green melon with a hint of orange + musk.

ROCKMELON & CREAM - this is a wonderful, fresh melon scent - like you just sliced into a melon from the farmers market. A touch of rich cream ripens the blend.

MANGO & PASSIONFRUIT - refreshingly fruity, escape with this blend of tropical fruits with a zesty citrus hint. Rounded off by a touch of vanilla.

LIME & COCONUT - fresh coconut, lime + fragrant verbena are blended with warm vanilla + musk.

BLACK PLUM & RHUBARB - gorgeous blend of sweet + sour fruits.

WHOOSH - this scent was created by our customer Jade. Inspired by the Lush fragrance, this is a combination of lemon, lime + grapefruit.

MONKEY FARTS - tropical banana covered with fresh citrus top notes with fruity accords of peach, coconut + jungle fruits.

FRESH MINT & APPLE - an uplifting blend of green, crisp apple + refreshing mint.

PINK PAPAYA SUGAR - papaya, mango, guava, raspberry, citrus + sugar syrup.

NECTARINE & MINT -  a mouth watering blend of juicy nectarine, grapefruit, sugar + crisp mint leaves.

MELON JASMINE - cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, cucumber + jasmine.

COCO MANGO - mango, strawberry, papaya, toasted coconut + vanilla.

HAWAIIAN RUBY GUAVA - guava, peach + Kachri melon.

ANJOU PEAR & LEMON ZEST - sticky toffee, crisp yellow pears + fresh lemon zest.

STRAWBERRY MINT - fresh green mint leaves + summer strawberries.

POMEGRANATE BLACKBERRY - this scent was created by one of our favourite businesses, All Hallows Club. A delicious & fruity blend of pomegranate juice + fresh blackberries.

BLACK CHERRY & ORANGE SPICE -  a sweet fruity fragrance bursting with dark cherries, plums + peaches with an orange spice glaze. Juicy strawberries + black cherries entice with a comforting, creamy vanilla base.

APPLES & HONEY - red apple + honey top notes balance with warm clove as they lead to the heart of crisp apple + warm cinnamon, & a final touch of vanilla cream sweetens this bakery delight.

FIG & MELON - a rich, ripe late season fig with warm Autumn melon notes.

MINTY FRESH - this scent was created by our customer Alaeni - cucumber melon + spearmint.

COCONUT SAFFRON - coconut milk, pineapple, saffron, spices, vanilla orchid, dark rum + sugarcane.

PINEAPPLE TEMPTATION - a fruit filled blend highlighting ripe peaches + juicy pineapple, + hints of floral jasmine + sweet honey.

LEMON PARSLEY - lemon zest + green parsley.

GINGER & COCONUT - created by our customer Omni - fruity spicy ginger + sweet coconut.

FRUITY GINGER - spicy-sweet ginger, green leafy notes + a squeeze of citrus.


Nightmare Before Christmas:

ZERO - fresh air + green moss covered graves.

WHAT'S THIS? - softly falling snowflakes, dark night skies + hundreds of twinkling stars.

SALLY - delicate jasmine, silky rose petals, cashmere + amber.

SANDY CLAWS - sweet peppermint candy canes & fluffy whipped cream.

CHRISTMAS TOWN - this fragrance opens up with the zing of citrus, with juicy red fruits + smooth cinnamon & spice for that festive buzz. This scent is also called Sugar Plum Fairy at other shops.

JACK -  a mix of Halloween & Christmas; pumpkin, clove, sandalwood + cinnamon.

JELLIED BRAINS - strawberry jelly + banana custard.

ZOMBIE BAND - green pear moscato cocktail.

UNDERSEA GAL - salty ocean breeze + dark wood shore.

LOCK, SHOCK & BARREL - gum, cotton candy + red frogs.

THE WITCHES - cucumber melon + melon jasmine.

MELTING MAN - deliciously rich melted caramel (or Dulche De Leche).

DR FINKELSTEIN - ginger, bergamot, pink pepper, patchouli, frankincense + spiced woods.

WOLFMAN - leather, night air, incense + summer woods.

HALLOWEEN TOWN - chewy purple blackcurrant licorice.

VAMPIRE BROTHERS - red wine + spicy cinnamon.

VALENTINES TOWN - strawberries dipped in white chocolate.

THE MAYOR - dark masculine musk.

THANKSGIVING TOWN - an Autumn dessert table filled with pies, fruits + nuts.

ST PATRICK'S DAY TOWN - green spearmint + fresh cut grass.

MUMMY BOY - Egyptian musk + clean cotton.

INDEPENDANCE TOWN - American apple pie + vanilla ice cream.

IGOR - Dog treats (just kidding - it's banana + sugar cookie).

OOGIE BOOGIE - lime + orange.

EASTER TOWN - pink peony blooms + Angel perfume.



CANDY CANE CUPCAKE - Vanilla cupcake + crushed candy canes.

COTTON CANDY BLIZZARD - Cotton candy + vanilla mints.

CRANBERRY ORANGE SCONE - Light & fluffy orange scones studded with dried cranberries.

FRUITCAKE -Dense, moist cake filled with fruits & spices.

HOT BUTTERED RUM - Creamy butterscotch, caramel, English toffee, dark rum, and vanilla maple.

PEACH FROST - Peach slices + freshly fallen snow.

PINE TREE - The smell of a christmas tree farm in the middle of a cold winter morning, fresh sap oozing out of the bark.

PINK POINSETTIA - Crackling birch + sugar cookies + pink & white marshmallows.

RUM BALLS - Chocolate biscuit crumb + coconut + rum.

SILVER BELLS - Vanilla sugar + sugar cookies + Christmas tree.

SPICED ITALIAN CHOCOLATE - Cinnamon & spice + rich dark chocolate.

WARM VANILLA NUTMEG - Creamy vanilla milk + grated nutmeg.

RUDOLPH - a classic Christmas blend of cranberry, cinnamon, cloves + pine trees.

AUSSIE CHRISTMAS - just like the old familiar Pavlova; sugary sweetness blended with passionfruit + mango.

CANDY CANE KISS - sugary berry notes with a hint of mint gives this creation a special touch, accentuated by orange zest, ripe cherry notes + a vanilla & tonka bean base.

CINNAMON ORANGE - a zesty zing of orange rind with the warmth & comfort of cinnamon.

CITRUS SPRUCE - a wonderful blend of clementine, cassis, spruce, fir needles, cypress notes + sweet sugary crystals with hints of cedarwood.

CRANBERRY JOY - juicy zingy cranberry with hints of white florals give this fragrance a happy vibe, with the smoothness of musk, vanilla + balsam to give depth to the fragrance.

HOLLY BERRY -  a wooded, flavourful rose mixed with pine overtones.

O' HOLY NIGHT (FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH) - like the wise men who travelled from afar, this fragrance unites an exotic blend of ancient woods with oriental spices, sweet citrus + romantic musk.

A CHRISTMAS STORY - the classic Christmas combo of spicy clove + warm nutmeg.

CHRISTMAS IN NEW YORK - drinking a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity on Christmas Eve.

CHRISTMAS LILIES - a gorgeous bouquet of Decemember blooming lilies.

CHRISTMAS VACATION - escape from a Griswold family vacation with a glass of Bailey's Irish Cream + cinnamon.

CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS - Nora's caramel cream pie.

ELF -  a bubbly, magical blend of candy, candy canes, candy corn + syrup, with effervescent spicy soda pop bubbles.

FAIRY LIGHTS - Pink Sugar, salted caramel + candy cane.

HOLLY SMOKES! -  this scent was created by our customer Alaeni - holly berry + bonfire.

HOME ALONE - Christmas day at the McCallister family home, decorated with a large pine tree + a festive table centrepiece of fruits + florals.

MARSHMALLOW FIRESIDE - interpretation of the Bath & Body Works (type) fragrance. Toasted marshmallows + scrumptious vanilla cream blend with the comforting aroma of rich smoldering woods.

THE GRINCH - green apple, green mint + red cinnamon heart candies.

VANILLA BEAN NOEL - interpretation of the Bath & Body Works (type) fragrance, simply delicious! Fragrance has top notes of caramel + sugar cookie, mid notes of rich buttery vanilla + base notes of tonka bean + musk.

WINTER CANDY APPLE - interpretation of the Bath & Body Works scent. A fun fragrance that begins with top notes of crispy apple, pineapple + zests of orange; followed by middle notes of neroli + cinnamon, embodied wth base notes of sandalwood, fresh musk, bamboo + patchouli.

HANSEL & GRETEL'S HOUSE - vanilla frosting, cinnamon sticks, toasted graham crackers + juicy raisins.



AUSSIE EASTER - Easter in Australia takes place in Autumn, so we've blended 2 seasonal flowers - Mums + Marigolds.

COTTONTAIL - cashmere musk + freesia.

EASTER SHOW - no trip to the Easter Show is complete without a cotton candy milkshake topped with sour lollies.

EGGCITED - sea salt breeze + lemonade slushy.

GOLDEN GOOSE - orange flower, citrus + toasted coconut.

PINK BOUQUET - a sweet bouquet of cherry blossoms + white roses.


Valentines Day:

LOVE IS LOVE - Juicy Fruit gum + cotton candy.

TICKLED PINK - Pink Sugar + strawberry shortcake.

PURPLE SUGAR - Pink Sugar + Blue Sugar.

MEOWENTINE - peachberry cocktail.

LET'S AVOCUDDLE - Lush's Avobath + orange soda.

BEE MINE - chai tea + honey cake.

YOU MAKE ME MELT - salted caramel ice cream in a waffle cone.

YOU'RE ONE IN A MELON - watermelon + coconut lime.

HOPPY TOGETHER - Poison perfume + gooey marshmallow.

OWL ALWAYS LOVE YOU - chamomile, citrus, sandalwood + bergamot.

SIGNIFICANT OTTER - pink peony + lychee fruit.

WILD FOR YOU - monkey farts + Love Spell.

LOVE BIRDS - rose + strawberry.

STUCK ON YOU - Desert cactus.


St Patrick's Day:

POT OF GOLD - sweet orange, lemongrass, neroli, lime + amber musk.

OVER THE RAINBOW - rain falling softly on a garden of green mint + eucalyptus trees.

4 LEAF CLOVER - green apple soda.

LEPRECHAN - orange, peach + ginger.


Grease (Summer Lovin'):

THE FROSTY PALACE - Dogsled Delights (AKA Banana Split); vanilla ice cream, banana, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, caramel, crushed peanuts, whipped cream + cherries.

PINK LADIES - straight from a malt shop, this is a mix of sweet bubbly cola + tart cherry syrup.

SUMMER NIGHTS -  a fresh & strong beachy salt breeze scent.

SANDY - velvet petals of violet & iris, are carefully blended with sweet notes of mandarin nectar + coconut cream. Solid base notes of silky amber + woody accords compliment this beautiful fragrance to deliver a soft suede feel.

T-BIRDS - leather jackets, tobacco leaf, spiced liquers + a hint of cologne.

DANNY - bold & masculine with top notes of lavender, orange + lemon, blended with deep woody notes of leather, sandalwood, amber + patchouli.

THE SCHOOL DANCE - a carnation + jasmine corsage + the freshness of a 50s powder compact.



HIGHLAND COAST - Fresh sea air + fields of freesia & lavender.

JAMIE FRASER - Smoky & sweet tobacco leaf + masculine spices.

CLAIRE FRASER - Green garden herbs, cotton bandages, & honeysuckle.

PARIS - Romantic red rose + spring market cherry blossoms.

LALLYBROCH - Hay bales, green grass, & river water.

THE CARIBBEAN - Mixed melons, palm leaf, & sea spray.

FRASER'S RIDGE - Warm bread + molasses cookies

BRIANNA MACKENZIE - Sweet orange chilli pepper + vanilla whiskey.

ROGER MACKENZIE - Plum pudding + a hot cup of tea.

JENNY MURRAY - Honey & lavender goat’s milk soap.

CRAIGH NA DUN - Fresh green forest, a trio of mint, white flowers, & vanilla.

MURTAGH FITZGIBBONS - Scotch pine, subtle smoke, bergamot, and a hidden gooey heart of coconut marshmallow.

FERGUS FRASER - French Creole blend of clove, peppercorn, amber, woods, and cinnamon.

MARSALI FRASER - French vanilla + spiced maple scones

DOUGAL MACKENZIE - Cranberry, red apple, & cinnamon spice.


Game Of Thrones:

ARYA -Braavosi gingered fruit tarts + black mahogany.

BRAN -White weirwood tree in the godswood of Winterfell.

BRIENNE -Sapphire waters surrounding Tarth.

CERSEI -Platters of imported fruits + champagne.

DAENERYS -Dragonstone island breezes + great grass sea.

JAMIE -Golden cedar + white cloaks.

JON -Chilly breezes & dark forests beyond the wall.

NIGHT KING -Frozen hickory & birch woods + white gardenia.

SANSA -Sugared lemon cakes, peach nectar, & peony blossom.

TYRION -Rich red wine + fruitcake.



FORKS - dark gloomy wodos + rain.

BELLA - Arizona cactus blossoms.

EDWARD - Burberry Brit cologne + warm vanilla nutmeg.

ALICE - Bright & bubbly rainbow sherbet champagne.

EMMETT - Fierce cologne + clean men’s aftershave.

THE MEADOW - green grass + a mixture of spring florals.

JACOB - like a run through the woods - leaves, oakmoss + patchouli.

JASPER - Smoked cedar chips + tobacco leaf.

ESME - Beautiful perfume + vanilla sugar.

CARLISLE - Acqua Di Gio cologne + herbal rosemary.

ROSALIE - Sensual & sophisticated narcissis, peach, rose, amber, & vanilla.



HEART OF THE OCEAN - crashing waves, salty sea air, blue sage + floral mist.

ICEBERG RIGHT AHEAD - crisp marine ozone notes, chilly winter breeze + dewy moss.

I'LL NEVER LET GO - timeless & comforting scent of vanilla creme anglaise, berries + sandalwood.

JACK DAWSON - ice fishing in Lake Wissota, Chippewa Falls woods + leather notebook.

MAKE IT COUNT - punch a la Romaine: lemon + orange champagne.

ROSE DEWITT BUKATER - summer red rose + French wine.

TITANIC - inspired by the centrepieces in First Class: daffodils, carnations + green ivy.

YOU JUMP, I JUMP - citrus, clean white musk + vanilla bean.

VINOLIA - inspired by the Vinolia soap provided in First Class cabins: powdery soft rose + lemon zest.



VANILLA SUDS - a custom created by our customer Shannon: sweet vanilla ice cream + fabric softener.

LAVENDER MARSHMALLOWS -  hand blended fragrance of French lavender  + sugary marshmallows.

SUDDEN DOWNPOUR - this scent was created by our customer Nicole & named by Alaeni - coconut rain, tropical rain + rainforest.

CHERRY SUDS - this scent was created by our customer Emmanuel - we know this one sounds odd but it's honestly fab - cherry soda + fabric softener.

FRESH & CLEAN - fresh dried laundry + clean air.

BEDTIME BATH -  a dupe of the J&J baby wash; comforting baby scent with hints of soft floral, chamomile + citrus.

DOVE SOAP - a dupe of the famous brand white soap.

TEA & COTTON - white tea, fruity ginger, clean cotton + lavender.

TOMATO LEAF - the scent of a tomato vine warmed by the sun.

PEACH ORCHARD - fresh peach, orchard dirt + green leaves.

CHANGING WEATHER - chamomile mint tea, sun-warmed hay + beeswax.

ROSEMARY MINT - inspired by the Aveda shampoo - peppermint, spearmint, rosemary + vanilla.

FLORAL RAIN - rose petals, wisteria, cyclamen, sandalwood + vanilla.

BASIL & CUCUMBER - crisp cool cucumber combined with herbal basil.

BAMBOO FOREST - green bamoo, orange, woods, amber + watery notes.

GREEN GARDEN - crisp amber, magnolia, tea olive, gardenia + sage.



PUMPKIN BLOSSOM - yellow pumpkin blossom flowers, anise, apple peel, & cinnamon.

AUTUMN BY THE SEA - bright fresh notes of sea air & salt, sage, oud, driftwood + fir needle.

PIXIE - transition into Autumn with this delicate blend of red apples, peony, sandalwood + amber.

APPLE PICKING - crisp orchard apples, woods + green grass.

AFTERNOON STROLL - a late Autumn walk in the outdoors; bergamot, citrus, wild jasmine, white rose, cedarwood, amber, musk + a hint of spice.

BONFIRE - the true scent of a smoky cedar bonfire.

CALM & COSY - a mug of rose tea, black raspberries, citrus + vanilla musk.

WELCOME HOME - honey apples, smoked oak, Autumn florals + Kakadu plum.

VELVET TOBACCO - blonde tobacco leaves, orange-plum mimosa + white musk.

GOLDEN WOODS - vanilla cashmere cream, caramel woods + frosted clementine.

CRANBERRY FOREST - sweet cranberries + cedar forest.

SPICY WOODS - precious woods, spices, resin, mandarin, musk + cashmere vanilla.



TAHITIAN HONEY - tropical berries, honey, currant, rose, & fresh greens.

BUM BUM - based on the highly popular lotion from Brazil - this super unique scent combines salted caramel, pistachio, vanilla, soft fruit + citrus notes. Pronounced "Boom Boom".

JELLYFISH - raspberry, strawberry + lemon jellies.

ON THE CLOTHESLINE - freshly cut grass + clean cotton.

GAIN ISLAND FRESH - a dupe for the American laundry soap Gain; this is their Island Fresh variety. Tropical fruit juice, plumeria, hibiscus, green fern + driftwood.

MOVIE NIGHT - buttery popcorn + chocolate bars.

PUB CRAWL - raspberry beer mojito.

MALIBU RUM - dark coconut rum.

MUSIC FESTIVAL - Bohemian sandalwood + warm vanilla.

HOLIDAY IN BALI - green melon + tiger lilies.

ROAD TRIP - clean air, green herbs, ylang ylang + violet.

STREET MARKET - an electic blend of market stalls - spices, soaps, tapestry + herbs.

HEAT WAVE - Aloe Vera gel + zesty citrus juice.

NEW THONGS - lemon, lime, mandarin + grapefruit.

SLIP, SLOP, SLAP - Coppertone sunscreen.



GARDEN GNOME - Apples, peaches, apricots, red berries, & sugar.

BUBBLE BUTT - Bum Bum + bubblegum.

UNICORN - Love Spell, cotton candy + strawberry soda.

FAIRY - created by our customer Rae - cotton candy, Pink Sugar + grape gum.

WISHING WELL - created by our customer Melissa - cherry blossoms, grape gum + Pink Sugar.

CASTLE IN THE CLOUDS - created by our customer Nicole - mandarin, Earl Grey tea + Blue Sugar.

DRAGONFLY - a blend of 2 scents - quiet + vanilla cupcake. It started as an accidental blend but we came to love it.

UFO - bum bum + strawberry shortcake.

PHOENIX - created by our customer Nicole - coconut peach + Mexican fried ice cream.

SPIRIT GUIDE - blackberry + patchouli.



GEMINI - (May 21 - June 20. Traits: playful, curious + friendly). Like a Tahitian breeze, this scent features the sweet, wonderful smell of coconut + rum accented by fruity banana + a tocuh of vanilla.

TAURUS - (April 20 - May 20. Traits: stable, strong + sensual). A dark, decadent & sensous blend of rich, velvet black rose infused with a heart of pink pepper + sultry spices. A sumptous layer of precious wood including oud + dark musk complete the blend.

ARIES - (March 21 - April 19. Traits: bold, ambitious + optimistic). With warming notes of amber, incense, Madagascar vanilla + patchouli, this fragrance is lightened up with layers of romantic notes such as rose, jasmine + lilac. This blend is topped off with the colourful, light touches of blood orange + grapefruit.

CAPRICORN - (December 22 - January 19. Traits: grounded, focused + calm). A blend of earthy greens + dark woods with a hint of peppermint.

LIBRA - (September 23 - October 22. Traits: artistic, loving + fashionable). Fresh & clean top notes give way to orange + sweet raspberry peach.

VIRGO - (August 23 - September 22. Traits: practical, perfectionist, intelligent). A wonderful blend of floral lavender with lily warmed by woodsy sandalwood + bottom notes of musk.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21. Traits: traveller, storyteller + friendly). Beachy notes of orange flower dance around sun-kissed orange + Brazilian palm, then kiss the juicy tropical fruits wrapepd in a sheer floral bouquet, with creamy vanilla accents.

AQUARIUS - (January 20 - February 18. Traits: rebel, free spirit + humanitarian). Waves of mandarin crash into crisp ozone + marine nuances then flow into a calm pool with aquatic florals + sprigs of rosemary, a dewy moss is tossed throughout a background of sea musks + patchouli.

SCORPIO - (October 23 - November 21. Traits: mysterious, faithful + seductive). Sensual & earthy sandalwood perfectly paired with rich, warm vanilla.

LEO - (July 23 - August 22. Traits: leader, dramatic + loyal). Bright bursts of citrus sprinkled in red ginger collide with bamboo + palm leaves, then catch radian jungle fruits accented in green woods, for a wild experience.

PISCES - (Februrary 19 - March 20. Traits: compassionate, creative + dreamer). The fresh evening air is balanced by notes of soft leather, incense + warm woods to represent the aromas of a summer moonlit night.

CANCER - (June 21 - July 22. Traits: intutive, caring + sensitive). A pampering fragrance with fresh top notes + soft floral nuances of pink orchid.



COCKTAILS IN PARADISE - a fruity cocktail on a tropical beach; pineapple, pear, melon, apple, strawberry, banana, coconut, peach, vanilla + musks.

THE SIREN - an enchanting blend of lily, rose, freesia, star jasmine, mandarin + green notes.

PINK SANDS - pink grapefruit, pineapple, melon, violet, geranium, vanilla musk + juniper berry.

DEEP DIVE - driftwood, chiffon musk, sugared flowers, ocean air + geranium.

SWEET SUMMER - summery blend of melon, coconut water, berries + sweet vanilla.

HAWAIIAN BREEZE - jasmine, lavender, orange, pineapple, peach + strawberry.

FIJI BLISS - Ruby red grapefruit, marine air, crushed pineapple, coconut + palm leaf.

KOI POND - an exotic blend of watermint, bamboo, spearmint, a hint of lemon + refreshing wild clover.

SEA SALT & DRIFTWOOD - fresh lemon, ocean breeze, lavender, cyclamen + driftwood.

SEA SONG - aquatic florals, sea grass + sun warmed coconuts.

NIGHT SEAS - ocean water dune grass, eucalyptus, geranium, teakwood + citrus.

PIRATE MERMAID - this scent was created by one of our awesome customers in the April 2020 giveaway on Instagram. Ocean air, sea salt, a touch of sandalwood, rain, aged leather, old wood + gunpowder.

SUNKISSED - crisp sweet starfruit + elegant hibiscus.

BLUE LAGOON - fresh ocean notes, patchouli, amber + oakmoss.

BRAZILIAN WATERS - bergamot, green citrus, light musk + sandalwood.



PEACOCK - silver mint, blueberry, blue raspberry, white patchouli, lemon, & cashmere.

TUSCAN FIELDS - Blood orange, raspberry, plum, peony, rose, and dark vanilla bean.

WHITE LEATHER & CITRON FROST - Sparkling citrus top notes of bergamot and lemon with a fresh green undertone leads to an aromatic heart of lavender and orange blossom. An intense leather accord is mellowed with sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver root and creamy musks.

BORA BORA - sweet pineapple, acai berry, mango zest, tart passionfruit, yuzu zest, green apple, orchid leaves + ocean nuances.

CEDAR, SAGE & BLACKBERRY - a beautiful, calming, herbaceous blend of fresh sage, woody cedar and sweet, dark blackberry.

FOREST THYME - hints of wild oranges, yuzu, delicate jasmine & rosewood rest on a bed of ancient red cedar, fir needles & fresh thyme bushes with a dry down of dark oud, amber + cashmere musk.

QUIET FOREST - the calm serenity of a quiet forest; bright green leaves, blonde wood, new bloomed flowers, clean air + a hint of mist.

RAINWATER - the fresh & clean scent of rain combined with spring florals.

SEASIDE BONFIRE - a salty breeze of ocean air drifts towards the beach carrying a light amber aroma & mingles with smokey vetiver + tobacco woods from the bonfire on a sandy beach.

BEACH DAYS - sand, surf, clean air + tropical fruits.

PEACH SUNSET - Summertime fun with this fruity scent that features some softer floral undertones, sweet peach with heliotrope + violet & a balanced base of vanilla + tonka bean.

DRAGON'S BLOOD - alluring & sophisicated blend of amber, incense + a touch of patchouli.

OCEAN BREEZE - a light & airy ocean scent without any heavy masculine cologne notes.

FRONT PORCH - a masculine blend of fresh fruity notes of red apples meet a heart of spiced pear + tobacco flower. The base of smoked oak, cedar + sandalwood deliver woody nuances.

AUSTRALIAN BUSH - a complex floral combination of sweet florals, touches of fresh green grass, sensual floral + green leafy notes, mixed with citrus herbal woody notes of lemon, pine + eucalyptus.

COCONUT RAIN - a tropical blend of coconut, florals, ocean notes, ylang ylang, sandalwood + cyclamen.

TIBETAN MOUNTAIN TEMPLE - a perfect Unisex fragrance with black pepper, lavender, blackwood, lemon + the aromas of incense for a tranquil experience.

REDWOOD FOREST - strong & woodsy Redwood cedar.

EUCALYPTUS - a rich & clean eucalyptus redolent of deep Australian Forest + floral notes.

CARIBBEAN ADVENTURES - experience pure paradise with this aquatic combination of melons, hibiscus, palm leaf + sea spray to take you away on a tropical escape.

PATCHOULI - the musky, sweet, spicy aroma of the dried patchouli plant.

PALO SANTO - a wild tree native from the Yucatan Peninsula to Peru & Venezuela. Its aroma is unique & described as a mix of pine, mint + lemon.

NAG CHAMPA - a fragrant incense from India which is a combination of sandalwood + Champak flowers.

RAINFOREST - leafy greens, tropical fruits, aromatic island blossoms, moss + woods.

SEASIDE SPA - a pampering fragrance with fresh top notes + soft floral nuances of pink orchid.

SEA SPICE -  a masculine ocean scent with fresh top notes of ozone (fresh air) + citrus leads to strong middle notes of sea kelp, champagne + salty air. This is completed with soft notes of driftwood, musk + just a hint of Indonesian clove oil.

BEACHSIDE BOARDWALK - love all the scents of Summer? Then you will love this fragrance... It captures everything that is Summer. Notes of mandarin, sand jasmine + refreshing oceanic mist.

SEA GRASS & WILD LAVENDER - green citrus notes, earthy lavender, Willow wood, cedar + moss.

TROPICAL RAIN - fresh, clean notes mingle with a floral bouquet of lily + rose & rich base notes of sandalwood.

SALTY SEA BREEZE & COPPERTONE - created by our customer Dhar! Sunscreen lotion + a hot Summer's day at the beach.

AUSTRALIAN BAMBOO GRASS - clean & fresh with spearmint, lime zest + additional ozone notes balanced with lavender, fresh cut grass + a slight woody, spicy finish of cedarwood + nutmeg.

WHITE WATER RAPIDS - mandarin, crisp ozone, aquatic florals, rosemary + moss.

WHITE TEA & CACTUS - refreshing grapefruit, Iris, lotus, green cactus juice + white tea.

KAKADU PLUM - fruity notes of passionfruit, guava, melon + plum are sprinkled with citrus notes of fresh, green lime. A solid base of coconut + tonka bean enriches the blend & provides an amazing scent throw.

WILD WEST - leather saddle, red cedar, tumble weeds, dry leaves + subtle spice.

CLEARWATER RETREAT - a clean & fresh combination of bergamot, jasmine, ylang ylang + rosewood.

SANDALWOOD - simply just sandalwood. This is good to blend with spices & earthy scents.

OAKMOSS -  a rich, exotic scent with notes of earthy sweetness.

DRY TOBACCO & HAY - alight with fiery ambers + smoky incense, Dry Tobacco & Hay is warm, homely & above all else, earthy in essence. With  honey laying at its core + musk at the base, this scent is well rounded; not too smoky, not too sweet... Just perfect!

WILD SAGE - herbaceous wild sage + fresh greenery.

GREEN GRASS - fresh green grass notes mesh with jasmine, fresh hay + cyclamen with  just a hint of sea breeze.

EGYPT - a floral & woody blend of oudh wood, cedar, amber, musk + jasmine.

CLOVE & SANDALWOOD - cedarwood, patchouli, clove, cinnamon, amber + white musk.

CITRONELLA - this fragrance oil contains over 25% natural citronella essential oil. It has a fresh, clean scent of citrus, lemon, infused with a slightly woodsy smell that's very refreshing!

AUSTRALIAN FLORALS & HONEY - not unlike the pleasant scent of exotic frangipani, this fragrance is a dense cluster of floral scents with a sweet rose + honey balsam combination. It also includes additional hints of cyclamen, star jasmine + a herbal orchid, green finish.

EUCALYPTUS CITRIODORA - the stunning allure of lemon verbena bursts forth to reveal the cleansing scent of eucalyptus with the zest & vibrancy of lemon, which is then finished with the soothing & relaxed scent of lavender.



WHITE LILY – soft & delicate true-to-life lillies + green herbal note.

LAVENDER MIST - calming and clean, this smooth soothing lavender has a touch of morning dew and sweet apple blossom.

FORGET ME NOT - a fresh flower garden after a spring rain.

HONEYSUCKLE MUSK - Japanese honeysuckle + musk sticks

JAPANESE CHERRY BLOSSOM - interpretation of the Bath & Body Works scent. Oriental & sensual, this Japanese cherry blossom (Sakura) scent is a well rounded blend of pink Japanese cherry blossoms + fragrant mimosa flower petals, with warm base notes of vanilla, tonka bean + oriental woods.

JAPANESE HONEYSUCKLE - spring blooming Japanese honeysuckle combining honey sweetness with a light floral musk.

JASMINE - an exotic blend of freshly cut jasmine flowers.

FRESH CUT ROSES - the beautiful & timeless scent of fresh greenery + red roses.

PEONY ROSE - delicate fern is mixed with the heady richness of peony, rose + narcissus.

ROSE QUARTZ - pink rose, banana flower, sandalwood, sweet amber, chiffon musk + citrus.

WHITE TEA & MANGO FLORALS - a delectable fragrant treat of juicy, ripe mango + peach flavorus. White tea is an acient blend, created from the tips of tea buds before the tea leaf blossoms, & is the perfect combination with these fresh fruit notes.

LAVENDER - an enchanting meadow fringed with sprigs of lavender.

VIOLET SUGAR PETALS - grapefruit, nectarine, jasmine + sugared violets.

HAWAIIAN HIBISCUS - a dupe of the Bath & Body Works scent - tropical bouquet is sprinkled with juicy fruits & dewy greens over a musky base of caramelised sugar + coconut.

FRANGIPANI - the gorgeous fresh fragrance of a flowering frangipani tree.

BLACK ROSE & OUD - infused with patchouli, cinnamon bark, clove leaf + palmarosa, this sensual & rich blend of rare oud wood + exotic spices is the perfect accompaniment for teh rose + geranium top notes.

SANDALWOOD HONEYSUCKLE - sandalwood is at the heart of this woody warm blend, tempered by slightly sweet top notes of honeysuckle; sweet orange + mandarin provide a beautiful lift.

OPULENT - a dupe of the expensive Baies candle; a truly beautiful fruity accord of blackcurrant with rose petals + hints of fir needle, clove, lemon peel + musk.

LAVENDER & LEMON - an enchanting meadow fringed with sprigs of lavender mixed with fresh & bright lemons.

MOON BLOSSOM - delicate pink cherry blossoms + moonlit night air.

PARISIAN GARDENS - a vibrant but sophisicated feminine bouquet that incorporates bergamot + grapefruit with rose, jasmine + vetiver, perfectly placed on a base of vanilla, white musk + patchouli.

RED ROSE & RUBY PLUM - stop & smell the roses, then take a bite of juicy plums. A distinct fruity floral that combines red rose + ruby plum notes with hints of sparkling cassis, lily of the valley + star jasmine.

SMOKED AMBER & LAVENDER - golden sandalwood, cedar, rose, geranium, lavender, patchouli + winter spice.

FREESIA - this is a Springy floral blend of freesia + white musk.

LAVENDER & HONEY - sweet sticky honey infused with dried lavender.

GINGER & BLACK ORCHID - dark orchids, ginger root, patchouli + musk.

GOLDEN WATTLE - the beautiful scent of the special & fragrant wattle. Leafy green notes in the top, with lilac, cyclamen, jasmine + lily of the valley.

GARDENIA - the exquisite aroma of tropical gardenia with a top note so sweet & green, & a floral body so intense rich, truly capturing the natural aroma found in this beautiful flower.

FRENCH LILAC - a captivating floral bouquet including gardenia, jasmine + French lilac blends harmoniously with crisp, leafy green notes accentuated by bergamot, eucalyptus + galbanum.

CARNATIONS - simply fresh carnations.

WHITE VIOLET - aromatic white violet along with soft & warm spices + wood notes.

DAFFODILS - simply fresh daffodils.

DARK CHERRY & ORCHID - ripe black cherries + lovely purple orchid petals.

CHRYSANTHEMUM - true to the flower; a lovely earthy blend.

MARIGOLD - bold & unique scent of fresh marigolds.

ORCHID - a strong orchid fragrance with notes of musk + greenery.


Bath & Body Works Dupes:

MAD ABOUT YOU - A love-struck pairing of soft peonies & black currant kissed with creamy vanilla musk.

GINGHAM - A fresh blend of bright florals & a hint of sweet citrus. Notes of blue freesia, sweet clementine & soft violet petals.

A THOUSAND WISHES - warm your heart a thousand times over with a festive blend of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies + almond creme. Top notes of sparkling champagne, twinkling star fruit, golden quince, middle notes of peonies, freesia + bottom notes of amber, almond creme, sugared sandalwood + velvet musk.

VANILLA SUGAR - fresh vanilla, buttery notes, toasted almonds + sugar.

PINK CHIFFON - a light fruity, floral, with notes of wild berries blended with water lily + jasmine, sweet vanilla, coconut + hints of sandalwood.

MIDNIGHT FOR MEN - bergamot spice & blue sage meet the warm masculinity of leather woods to create the ultimate collision of seduction & sophistication.

PEARBERY - a fruity fresh fragrance blend of juicy pear with ripe forest berries, with a slight musk undertone.

MAGIC IN THE AIR - a fabulous blend of almond flower, white iris + whipped vanilla. Top notes of persimmon, water lily, white iris, pear blossom, middle notes of almond flower, coconut creme + jasmine petals. Bottom notes of whipped vanilla bourbon, fluffy sandalwood + musk.

CHAMPAGNE TOAST - an effervescent blend of pink champagne, juicy nectarine + blackcurrant.

SUN RIPENED RASPBERRY - raspberries, red apple, orange, greenery, vanilla beans + rose.

MAHOGANY TEAKWOOD - fresh orange, woods, burnished leather, patchouli, moss + golden amber.

PLUMERIA - notes of juicy peach + melon. Middle notes: plumeria/frangipani, gardenia, ylang ylang + jasmine. Base notes: soft sandalwood + musk.

BROWN SUGAR & FIG - a magical, complex fragrance composed of top notes of fresh figs, peaches + passionfruit; followed by middle notes of coconut milk, vanilla orchid, jasmine, muguet + freesia; well balanced with base notes of vanilla beans, caramel,  maple sugar, fig leaves + musk.

BLACK PEPPER BERGAMOT - intricate layers of spicy black pepper combine with uplifting bergamot + lavender.

HELLO BEAUTIFUL - this shimmering white floral bouquet is showered with dewdrops that add freshness. Hints of cassis brighten with fruity tones that blend with fresh greens + warm woods, unfolding to reveal creamed musk + golden amber.

BLACK RASPBERRY & VANILLA - a spirited combination of blackberries + raspberries head this alluring fragrance with pretty, white florals at its core, harmonised by resounding notes of creamy vanilla + luscious musk.


Lush Dupes:

SULTANA - This fresh, fruity floral blend kicks off with a bergamot top note, leading into fruity blackberry, with hints of rose and lavender and ending on woodsy frankincense musk note.

SNOW FAIRY - this is a blend of candy floss, pear drops, bubblegum + vanilla.

TWILIGHT - romantic floral blend of lavender, ylang ylang + tonka bean.

LORD OF MISRULE - a rich patchouli, peppercorn, vanilla + sandalwood blend with slight hints of citrus + vetiver.

THE COMFORTER - relax with this comforting fragrance with notes of blackcurrant, cypress + bergamot.

DEMON IN THE DARK - this scent was inspired by our customer Omni. Peppermint, spearmint, green apple + earthy darkness.

HONEY I WASHED THE KIDS - a yummy scent which blends crunchy toffee + sweet dripping honey with a touch of bergamot.

ROCK STAR -  a fun, sweet cotton candy like vanilla berry fragrance.

ROSE JAM - this fragrance has notes of roses, goji berries, geranium, lemon + tonka bean.

AMERICAN CREAM - an earthy vanilla fragrance with herbal notes of clary sage + lavender.

SEX BOMB - notes of jasmine, clary sage + ylang ylang.

29 HIGH STREET - aroma which is designed to mimic the scent of a Lush store.

SAKURA - Japanese cherry blossoms & fragrant jasmine + mimosa will remind you of Springtime unfolding. Notes of orange citrus, green flower & tiny hints of cedarwood + musk round out this fragrance.

KARMA - a blend of patchouli, sweet orange, lemongrass & hints of musk + amber.

ICE BLUE - refreshing & uplifting blend of fresh mint + white musk.

THE VOICE OF REASON - a very smoky almost boozy fragrance featuring woody notes of sandalwood & Buddha wood, tonka bean + hints of rose. Conjures up smoky, bustling bars reeking of cologne, tobacco + whiskey.

LADY CATRINA - this is in the same fragrance family as Calvera. The scents are very similar but different enough that they both deserve their own listing. Neroli, lime, olibanum, citrus + zesty candies.

FROZEN - an uplifting fruity grapefruit layer blended beautifully with neroli. A subtle background of a soft rose without being overly floral.

LUST - this fragrance is an appealing scent of dirty jasmine with additional notes of rose, ylang ylang, sandalwood + vanilla.

ALKMAAR (AKA SILKY UNDERWEAR) - it's a sensual but light floral fragrance with notes of jasmine, vetivert + honeysuckle.

AVOBATH - the scent of clean fresh lemongrass + lemon verbena with hints of bergamot + rosewood.

DIRTY - this is a fresh scent of spearmint with sandalwood, oakmoss, tarragon, thyme + lavender.

BATHOS - violet combined with jasmine + lemongrass.

BLACK PEARL - calming notes of lavender + chamomile intertwined with myrrh, olibanum + blackcurrant sweetness.

THE OLIVE BRANCH - a lovely Mediterranean combo of mandarin orange, citrus lemons, bergamot + herbaceous olive greens on a musk base slightly sweetened with vanilla.

25:43 - this has a citrusy top note of lime + lemongrass, with base notes of tonka bean, caramel + vanilla.

1000 KISSES - a delicate apricot note, osmanthus blossoms, combined with hints of mandarin + deep resins.

CALAVERA - this is in the same fragrance family as Lady Catrina. The scents are very similar but different enough that they both deserve their own listing. Neroli, lime, olibanum + grape fizzy sourness.


Perfume Dupes:

PHILOSYKOS – celebrating a crisp summer’s day in Greece with notes of fig tree, cedar, and creamy coconut.

BLUEBELL - (JM dupe) Delicate sweetness of dewy bluebells infused with green fresh notes, lily of the valley, a twist of persimmon, melon, and cloves ending on a base of musk and amber.  

VOLCANO - (Capri dupe) A totally delightful blend of tropical fruits and sugared oranges, lemons and limes with hints of exotic tropical florals and mountain greens.

BE DELICIOUS - Fruity and vibrant, this fragrance is uplifting and mouthwatering - a compilation of green apple, grapefruit and white amber.

SAUVAGE - bergamot, ambroxan, earthy geranium, spicy pepper, aromatic lavender, vetiver, fragrant patchouli and cedar.

CLOUD - lavender, pear, bergamot, coconut cream, praline, vanilla orchid, musk, & woods.

GREEN IRISH TWEED - a dupe of the cologne by Creed: An elegant, rich, sporty scent with notes of sandalwood, Florentine iris, herbaceous clover, French verbena, violet leaves + ambergris.

VERY SEXY - a dupe of the Victoria's Secret cologne: a spicy citrus blend, with top notes of pink lime, bergamot leaves + tangerine.

FIERCE - a dupe of the cologne by Ambercrombie & Fitch. A fresh citrus aroma with a warm musky subtleness & a seductive attitude. Notes of fresh citrus, sheer floral, warm musk, cedarwood + vetiver.

HAPPY - the dupe of the perfume by Clinique: red grapefruit, bergamot, Hawaiian wedding flower + spring mimosa.

LOVELY - a dupe of the perfume by Sarah Jessica Parker. Top notes of lavender, martini, bergamot, mandarin orange + rosewood; middle notes of patchouli, orchid + narcissus; base notes of musk, woodsy notes, cedar + white amber

POISON - Dior's inspired classic scent Poison comes to life with tantalising pink pepper + lemon zest top notes, followed by an intoxicating blend of honey, amber + musk.

PINK SUGAR & STRAWBERRIES - an in house blend of the Pink Sugar perfume dupe + strawberries. It's unique & super sweet.

PINK SUGAR - fresh, yet warm & tender, this rich & sweet fragrance combines the fruity top notes of strawberry, raspberry + citrus with indulgent vanilla + white musk. A beautifully rounded medley that will leave you wanting more!

ANGEL - Thierry Mugler's inspired scent Angel comes to life with brilliant top notes of bergamot + bursts of tropical fruits, followed by robust notes of caramel, vanilla + patchouli to make this an all time favourite.

ONE MILLION - fresh & sensual blend of notes, with glitter shine of gold & sure to seduce that someone special. This fragrance possses divine notes of grapefruit, patchouli, rose, cinnamon & blends of woods + leather.

CHANEL #5 - a classic floral mix of ylang ylang, neroli, vanilla, vetiver + sandalwood.

CK ONE - the Calvin Klein fragrance CK one, is a wonderful citrus, aromatic Unisex signature scent that is clean & contemporary. Lovely, fresh top notes include sparkling bergamot + lemon flower, carefully balanced with fruity notes of papaya + peach. A refreshing green tea note throughout, makes this scent irresistable.

MOONLAKE MUSK - opens with top notes of delicate pink rose + Asian jasmine, enhanced with soft violets. Lingering base notes of sweet musk enchanged by unique woodsy notes.

J'ADORE - Dior's unmistakable scent J'adore - delicate green & fruity notes, a rich floral heart of violet, jasmine + orchid, aswell as rich, base notes of vetiver, sandalwood, amber + musk.

BLUE SUGAR -  a floral bouquet of patchouli + lavender, with notes of orange, bergamot + coriander, with a mix of licorice + cotton candy.

SENSUAL MUSK - subtle bergamot + lavender add a touch of brightness, while notes of soft amber, musk, leather + vanilla bean round out this deep scent evoking warmth & sophistication.

LOVE SPELL - inspired by the Victoria's Secret pefume - a luscious fusion of citrus, cherry blossom, hydrangea, apple + peach, with a hint of blonde wood.

CANDY - inspired by PRADA'S fragrance Candy, this sweet fragrance opens with decadent dark almond, infused with a sensual accord of vanilla, exotic myrrh + warm caramel. Elegant musk interwoven with sandalwood creates a luxury base.

EUPHORIC MAJESTY/EUPHORIA - a provocative blend of pomegranate, persimmon, green notes, black orchid, lotus blossom, liquid amber, mahogany woods, black violet + a cream accord.

ACQUA DI GIO - intrepretation of the Giorgio Armani brand cologne. A sexy, fresh, aquatic aroma with bergamot, neroli + tangerine; flowing into mid notes of rosemary, jasmine + persimmon; all sitting on a woodsy patchouli base note.

DRAKKAR - interpretation of the timeless fragrance from Guy Laroche. A sharp, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance with a blend of citrus, spicy berries + sandalwood.

50 SHADES -  a masculine aftershave of bergamot, cedarwood, warm leather + musk notes.

SATIN SHEETS - sensual & earthy sandalwood perfectly paired with rich, warm vanilla.

CODE - interpretation of the Giorgio Armani classic. A crisp concoction of oranges, orange blossom, jasmine + a drop of honey. The sweetness of the honey is balanced by ginger, sandalwood + a subtle vanilla.

BRUT - inspired by the cologne of the same name; a masculine scent featuring hints of spicy woods, mingled with citrus top notes.

ARMANI  - Armani's inspired, iconic scent comes to life with intriguing top notes of brown sugar + mint, where as a floral medley of jasmine + pink peonies give this fragrance a solid heart followed by woody notes of cedar.

LADY MILLION - inspired by the perfume; jasmine, rose, neroli, amber + musk.

COOL WATER - inspired by the men's cologne Cool Water. With sharp citrus top notes that include blackcurrant + pineapple, this blend is rounded off with base & middle notes of honeydew, muguet, water lily + the bold masculine scent of vetiver, amber + a touch of mulberry.

MADEMOISELLE - dupe of the perfume by Chanel; pretty oriental floral notes + citrus.

PARIS - dupe of the Yves Saint Laurent perfume; mimosa, orange flower, rose, moss, sandalwood + amber.

FANTASY - inspired by the Britney Spears fragrance. This sweet, warm & alluring feminine scent is a blend of red lychee, kiwi, jasmine, white chocolate, musk + orris root.

FAHRENHEIT - bold & masculine with top notes of lavender, orange + lemon blended with deep woody notes of leather, sandalwood, amber + patchouli.

CUBAN JAZZ CLUB - this masculine interpretation with classic notes of tobacco leaf sweetened with caramel + candied citrus stirs memories of leather chairs, liquers & cigars, soft mood lighting & the dulcet notes of saxophones & song.

BEAUTIFUL - Estee Lauder's inspired scent Beautiful - fruity/floral top notes of melon + crisp carnation, followed by a floral bouquet of rose + jasmine, with deep plum + buttery vanilla notes for substance.

LITTLE BLACK DRESS - lotus, sweet candy, pineapple + light florals.

BLACK CODE - inspired by the Giorgio Armani cologne. An oriental, alluring, masculine aroma that begins with citrus top notes of bergamot + fresh lemon; leading to a base of olive flower & sitting on base notes of tonka bean + guaiacum woods.

BOSS - interpretation of the fabulous scent launched by the design house of Hugo Boss in 1985. BOSS is a masculine scent that possesses a blend of oak, cedar, mandarin, musk + amber.

NECTARINE BLOSSOM & HONEY - this Joe Malone type fragrance features notes of succulent nectarine, peach + cassis, delicately blended with spring flowers + hints of acacia honey.

GIORGIO - a sharp, flowery interpretation of the fragrance from Giorgio Beverley Hills. Floral bergamot, mandarin, jasmine, rose, carnation, orris, sandalwood, cedarwood, musk, moss + amber.

BLUE AGAVE & CACAO - this Joe Malone type fragrance Blue Agave & Cacao, features top notes of fresh limes + zesty grapefruit dancing over a heart of blue agave flower. Sea salt cuts through the rawness of cacao to reveal the sensuality of vetiver + musk.

YOUTH DEW - Dupe of the Estee Lauder perfume: A refined, subtle, oriental fragrance with a blend of warm rose, geranium and amber, accompanied by moss, vetiver and sandalwood.

PERFECT MAN - inspired by the Blue De Chanel but different enough to warrant its own listing - fresh citrus, Chinese ginger, bergamot, pepper, frankincense, red berries, black musk + patchouli.


Fresh & Spa:

FLANNEL SHEETS - the beautiful aroma of fresh clothes just pulled from a sun drenched drying line.

SWEDISH DREAM SALT - sheer cucumber, lavender, balsam & a whisper of lime are carried on a salty ocean breeze. Hints of oakmoss + musk linger in the air.

FABRIC SOFTENER -  a clean laundry fragrance based on the fabric softener brand, Snuggle.

CLEAN LINEN -  a fresh, powdery floral bouquet with subtle notes of jasmine + rose blended with notes of sweet fruity melon.

BABY POWDER - a powdery, fresh blend with subtle notes of rose, lavender + jasmine with touches of soothing vanilla.

LEMON & EUCALYPTUS - herbal eucalyptus is wrapped in fresh mint + a burst of lemon.

KITCHEN FRESH - lemon scented soap.

CUCUMBER GINGER MINT - cucumber, spearmint, orange, pear + ginger.

LEMONGRASS - an invigorating lemon lime citrus aroma that envelopes & stimulates the senses, creating a vibrantly refreshing fragrance.

MINTY FRESH - this scent was created by our customer Alaeni - cucumber melon + spearmint.

CINNAMON STICKS - pure & strong cinnamon sticks, perfect alone or mix & match with fruits/florals/bakery etc waxes.



SLEEP - a well balanced blend of herbal lavender + calming vanilla. Use these in your self care routine in the evening.

BREATHE EASY/SINUS RELIEF - cool, fresh & crisp with essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint + menthol with a hint of lavender. Give it a try for that blocked nose in the winter months!

STRESS FREE - herbal eucalyptus + spearmint may be beneficial to clear the mint & uplift your mood.

INSPIRE - white violet, sandalwood + eucalyptus to clear your mind & help you find your inspiration.

ZEN - cedarwood + sweet orange blended for relaxation & focus.


Lockdown Gift Box:

QUARANTINE BIRTHDAY - chocolate mud cake + dissapointment.

TOILET PAPER - sold out everywhere.

DISTANCE LEARNING - how many cups of apple raspberry cordial do they actually need?!

$25 SANITISER - overpriced pink grapefruit + lime scented.

END OF LOCKDOWN - champagne to celebrate restrictions being lifted (atleast for now).

ZOOM MEETING - black coffee + a weak WiFi signal.

ONLINE SHOPPING - a box full of bath products to get you through another week.

FACE MASKS - smelling your own breath  for 8 hours a day - thankfully you remembered your Juicy Fruit gum.

FOOD DELIVERY - strawberry sundaes ordered at 1am.



MOTOR OIL - just like stepping into a mechanic's garage.

BACON - yes this really does smell like bacon!


Simply Fruit:


Black Cherry


Blood Orange




Coconut Milk



Green Apple












Pink Grapefruit