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Layered Wax Melts - Bum Bum Blends

Layered Wax Melts - Bum Bum Blends

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These deluxe layered wax melts make the perfect gift for any home fragrance lover.  The top yellow layer is Bum Bum and each coloured block is a different scent:

WHITE – Baby Powder

YELLOW – Banana Lollies

ORANGE – Blonde Moment

PINK – Pink Apple

RED - Skittles

MAUVE - Sunscreen

PURPLE – Blackberry Jam

BLUE – Ocean Breeze

TEAL - Cake

GREEN – Pistachio

Mix & match the blocks to create your own blend in a large warmer!  They contain approximately 250gm of wax (standard clamshells have just 70-80gm).  Each clamshell is made by hand to order so the shades may vary from batch to batch.



Our melts are made with a natural and kosher 100% soy wax.  They're dyed with specially formulated candle pigments, biodegradable glitter, and synthetic mica. We only use the highest quality fragrances.  We source our ingredients from Australia first whenever possible and make our products in Sydney, NSW.  All our waxes/oils are vegan & cruelty free.

Since our melts are made with eco-friendly soy wax, they may not look as perfect as the synthetic brands.  This is completely normal.  None of these imperfections affect the performance of the wax.  Cracking can be caused by Australia's extreme temperatures or simply just an effect from the fragrance used.  Spots or specks in the wax are caused by the natural pigments settling to the bottom of the container.  Frosting (this looks like ice or white areas) is crystallization of the wax when cooling and is common in natural waxes.


Add the wax to the bowl of the warmer and allow to melt.  Do not add water.  Check the manufacturer guidelines for your warmer.  As a general rule, only use your warmer for up to 4 hours at a time.  Do not leave a warmer unsupervised.  Keep waxes & warmers out of reach of pets & children. 


Store your melts in a cool, dry location away from sunlight.  For best results, use your melts within a year of purchase.  Do not store loose wax in ziploc bags - that type of plastic can leech the fragrance from the wax.  It's best to keep your waxes in the original container/bag provided at purchase.

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