Custom Wax Melt Mystery Boxes - You choose the theme

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The pictures shown are examples, not the actual items you'll get in the box.

These boxes are made specifically with your theme.  You let us know what you're after and we'll source the moulds & scents to match. NOTE: YOU CANNOT CHOOSE EACH INDIVIDUAL SCENT, JUST THE THEME OF THE BOX.  THE SCENTS YOU GET WILL BE A MYSTERY.  IF YOU WANT TO PICK YOUR OWN SCENTS, PLEASE CHECK OUT THE CUSTOM CLAMSHELLS & BARS.

Examples we've done in the past: 
All bunny shapes and only florals
All masculine scents in shades of blue & white
Brooklyn 99
The Hills
Family Guy
Pretty Little Liars

$25 Box **$35 value!**:
5 full size (clams/bars/large shapes)
2 samples
4 pots or small shapes

$50 Box **$70 value!**:
10 full size (clams/bars/large shapes)
4 samples
8 pots or small shapes

$100 Box **$150 value!**:
20 full size (clams/bars/large shapes)
8 samples
16 pots or small shapes
Free surprise gift