Ship of Dreams Inspired Wax Melt Gift Box + Necklace

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Included is an exclusive melt bag in the shapes of icebergs & blue hearts.  They're inspired by the Vinolia soap provided in First-Class cabins: powdery soft rose & lemon zest.

The highlight of this box is a gorgeous Heart Of The Ocean necklace.  It's the same size as the one Rose wears in the movie (but sadly it's not a real blue diamond haha).



Heart Of The Ocean  -
Crashing waves, salty sea air, blue sage, & floral mist

Iceberg Right Ahead -
Crisp marine ozone notes, chilly winter breeze, & dewy moss

I'll Never Let Go -
Timeless & comforting scent of vanilla crème anglaise, berries, & sandalwood

Jack Dawson -
Ice fishing in Lake Wissota, Chippewa Falls woods, and leather notebook

Make It Count -
Punch à la Romainé: lemon & orange champagne

Rose Dewitt Bukater -
Summer red rose + French wine

Titanic -
Inspired by the centerpieces in First-Class: daffodils, carnations, & green ivy

You Jump, I Jump -
Citrus, clean white musk, and vanilla bean

Vinolia - (Iceberg & blue heart shapes)
Inspired by the Vinolia soap provided in First-Class cabins: powdery soft rose & lemon zest


* Made in Sydney, Australia.
* Vegan, cruelty free, not tested on animals.
* Natural soy wax.
* Fragrances and colours are made from synthetic or plant based ingredients - not from animals.
* All melts can be made without dyes

How do you use wax melts?:
Snap off a few squares and place into your warmer.  More squares will result in a stronger throw (scent).  
We suggest you use an electric wax melter/burner for the best results. Tea light melters can be used but may not get warm enough to fully melt the wax. Scentsy warmers are NOT recommended because they have such a low temperature.

Important info about wax melts:
Store your melts in a cool, dry location away from sunlight. The melts are made to melt of course, so high temperatures in shipping or storage might cause them to change their shape in the container. For best results, use your melts within a year of purchase.

Since our melts are made with soy wax, they may not look as perfect as the synthetic brands. This is completely normal. None of these imperfections affect the performance of the wax. Cracking can be caused by Australia's extreme temperatures or simply just an effect from the fragrance used. Spots or specks in the wax are caused by the natural pigments settling to the bottom of the container. Frosting (this looks like ice or white spots) is crystallization of the wax when cooling and is common in natural waxes.