Princess Bath Salts

  • $2.00

These princess themed bath salts are scented like various fruits and are coloured to match the pretty labels.    They are fun to mix & match in the bath to create your own scent combinations.  If you love relaxing spa bath soaks or using a foot spa, these are perfect for you!

Mix & match suggestions:
Ariel + Mulan = Strawberry Banana
Pocahontas + Belle = Orange Mango
Merida + Elsa = Peach Pomegranate

Scents Include:
Anna - raspberry
Ariel - strawberry
Aurora - watermelon
Belle - mango
Cinderella - boysenberry
Elsa - pomegranate
Jasmine - coconut
Merida - peach
Mulan - banana
Pocahontas - orange
Rapunzel - black cherry
Snow White - apple
Tiana - pear

Use as little or as much as you want per bath.  Simply pour the salts under running water.  The salts can also be used in a foot spa.  The bag is resealable.  This will dye your water a fun colour!  Each bag is handmade so the colour & size of salts may vary to do the materials available.  If you're concerned about bathtub staining, do a patch test first.  I don't have any problems with my antique tub :)

Epsom salt, organic coconut oil, bicarb soda, soap safe colouring, soap safe fragrance oil, polysorbate 80.