Air Wick Electric Wax Warmer (Wax Melter, Oil Burner)

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How to use:

Place the warmer on a steady surface such as a table or kitchen bench.  Plug in the warmer and flip the green switch to turn on.  The ceramic dish sits on the black hot plate and warms your wax melts.  Add the melts to the dish and allow them to fully melt.  Do not leave unattended.  Keep children & pets away.  Do not touch the hot wax.  Use your melter for up to 4 hours at a time.  Unplug your melter after use.

Air Wick Electric Wax Melt Warmer
    Pack contents:
        Electric wax melt warmer
        Removable round tray
    Colour: Black
    Classic design
    Watts: 23
    Electric table-top warming dish
    Materials: Ceramic
    Dimensions 0.07 x 0.21 x 0.07 cm
Please note: no wax melts are included with this warmer