Why Shop With Us?

#1 - Pumpkin Parcel is a family owned business located in Sydney. #2 - To insure your safety, we source all our ingredients from Australia and the US. Ingredients made in other countries might not have the same strict hygiene standards. #3 - Do you ever wonder why you see the same products listed on multiple shops? We do not buy our products wholesale from China, put our label on them, and pass them off as handmade. Every bath and wax product is made by us. 4# - We design and print all our own labels, which gives our products a unique look. 5# - We're always looking for earth-friendly supplies. We use paper products from Who Gives A Crap - a company that makes tree-free paper towels, tissues and more. Check them out here - https://au.whogivesacrap.org/ Thank you for checking out our shop. Your support means so much!