UPDATE 21/03/2022:

We're re-opening for orders after our move and are giving away freebies with every order.  Valid between 21/03 - 23/03.  No code required to claim.  Minimum order requirement values are in AUD.

Here's what you'll get -

Free trio of sample wax melts

ORDERS $50 & UP:
Free trio of sample wax melts
Mystery clamshell

ORDERS $100 & UP:
Free trio of sample wax melts
Mystery clamshell
Your choice of any scent 100gm scoopable wax or 10ml fragrance oil (please leave your scent choice in the notes in the cart or send us a message)


UPDATE 18/02/2022:


We are moving to a new home, so as of 19/02/2022 we are NOT making any new wax orders.  The website will still be open to browse.  You can place an order but it WILL NOT be shipped before we open on 21/03/2022.

If you placed your order before 19/02, your items will be made & shipped within our normal time frames. 

Orders placed while we're closed will be made fresh to order starting 21/03/2022.  Our production time is an estimated 7-10 business days.


Out Of Stock Scents:

Sometimes an oil or ingredient will no long be available to us and we might have to source a different supplier's version of your favourite scent. 


As of September, we're no longer using glitter on your melts.  Glitter contains microplastics which can find their way into rivers/oceans and may harm wildlife.  We're now using synthetic mica which is shimmery and looks gorgeous in a black melter.  Some samples may be made up with biodegradeable glitter.  This earth-friendly glitter is also available by request - simply mention it in the notes in your cart.