UPDATE 08/10/2021:

Our production time has been reduced from 2-3 weeks to 7-14 days. Shipping delays due to COVID have definitely affected our shop - it's currently taking up to 4 weeks for us to receive our supplies.  You can find an updated production estimate on the main page of the site.  We suggest buying early this year for the holidays.

Out Of Stock Scents:

Sometimes an oil or ingredient will no long be available to us and we might have to source a different supplier's version of your favourite scent.  We're now adding this disclaimer in the listing of any scent that's had a slight change.


As of September, we're no longer using glitter on your melts.  Glitter contains microplastics which can find their way into rivers/oceans and may harm wildlife.  We're now using synthetic mica which is shimmery and looks gorgeous in a black melter.  Some samples may be made up with biodegradeable glitter.  This earth-friendly glitter is also available by request - simply mention it in the notes in your cart.