15 Varieties - Large Mosaic Crackle Glass Tealight Wax Warmers

  • $16.00


These stunning mosaic wax warmers are made by hand and each one is unique.  The pictures shown are an example of the glass & mortar used in production.

Add a tealight to the base and light using a long lighter or match.  Add your wax melts into the bowl.  Only use the melter for between 4-6 hours at a time.  This warmer & the wax may be hot to touch to take care.  Discard the wax by pouring it into a heat safe container - not down the sink or into a plastic bag.  You can also soak up the wax using cotton balls.  Never leave unattended while lit and/or around children & pets.

Size: 13.7cmH x 11.1cmW

Because these are handmade, please expect each one to look slightly different.  They are sourced from an Australian vendor and are made in China.  Be careful carrying and moving each piece to avoid breakage.  They will be packaged in a white cardboard box with foam inserts.  Never leave any candles or warmers unattended.  Follow all manufacturer directions when using tealights, candles, or warmers.