Christmas Nightmare Bath Salts

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The "Christmas Nightmare" collection is inspired by the movie "Nightmare Before Christmas".  These festive scented & coloured bath salt bags are great gifts for the holidays.  


Jack - a mix of Halloween & Christmas; pumpkin, clove, sandalwood, cinnamon.

Sally - delicate jasmine, silky rose petals, cashmere, and amber.

Christmas Town - This fragrance opens up with the zing of citrus, with juicy red fruits and smooth cinnamon and spice for that festive buzz.

What's This? - softly falling snowflakes, dark night skies and hundreds of twinkling stars.

Sandy Claws - creamy sweet peppermint candy canes top a baked vanilla cheesecake.

Zero - fresh air and green moss covered graves.


Use as little or as much as you want per bath.  Simply pour the salts under running water.  The salts can also be used in a foot spa.  The bag is resealable.  This will dye your water a fun colour!  Each bag is handmade so the colour & size of salts may vary to do the materials available.  If you're concerned about bathtub staining, do a patch test first.  I don't have any problems with my antique tub :)

Epsom salt, organic coconut oil, bicarb soda, soap safe colouring, soap safe fragrance oil, polysorbate 80.